What is the long tail keywords and his characteristics



network promotion company to use search engines to find some information:

· commercial uses of


· is usually not competitive;

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


· an average of 3 ~ 5 words


network promotion company that long tail keywords is a very important part of Shanghai dragon strategy. Occupy a large component in their website clicks every day, not to mention the benefits and click on the long tail keywords. This chapter will discuss the details of these long tail keywords.


what is the long tail keywords and his character


· brand name

· general terms and geographical location

; quality of goods


optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

· special terms and geographical location



Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


· each phrase in each month is only a few clicks of the Kunshan network promotion company to tell you how to determine what long tail keywords for your website? In order to answer this question, people must understand the search method. People rarely search random information, and always find some specific information. If you know what visitors might search for information, you can determine the long tail keywords and phrases meaning how to use broad and narrow the search to locate.

special chain optimization:

network promotion company of long tail keywords are not real words, they are more like key phrases is very special. The long tail search query all of the following features:

Here is the Kunshan special industry terminology

· commercial interest

the solution to the problem < >

are very common, but if the keywords from the start and site theme related become associated with these information, you can see the broad keywords and long tail key phrases used in different ways in Shanghai dragon.

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

common industry terms


of goods

· usually with a commodity or a specific information directly related to


The traditional enterprise website as a method of the chain’s most effective analysis

"I’m really desperate, I really do not know how to do the chain, the enterprise web site keywords ranking is responsible for watching their every day in the fall, and I can only be silly to look, who can help me?" this paragraph is in a Q & a community to see the contents of the enterprise. The webmaster is confused by the construction of the chain enterprises, he has no idea how to do outside the chain, probably because of resources, can also be because there is no one to help him.

example: I now will now give the enterprise website the chain, I want to know some relevant knowledge of their charge of enterprises. The enterprise is the production of food, so the food industry enterprises, the main production is XX, related to health, snacks etc.. Clearly these, I know the enterprise website industry, products, types, and then the author to choose according to these data to choose for the chain of distribution platform.

in fact, the construction of enterprise website chain is a topic of many webmaster a commonplace talk of an old scholar, enterprise on the chain construction is very good also very proficient, but for some novice webmaster is a how to figure out the problems and troubles, according to incomplete data show that at this stage most of the business owners did not understand their own site outside the chain in the end how to do outside the chain, what kind of the chain, what kind of chain for their business website, every day there will be owners of the occurrence of such problems, so these enterprises website optimization for a long time are not good rankings and weight. However, this topic is a commonplace talk of an old scholar a novice webmaster enterprise especially want to see, because they are looking for ways to the construction of enterprise site outside the chain, as long as they can find a way to know the enterprise chain exactly what needs to be done before.

first, look at the enterprise website belongs to what industry, what is the product or type. Do site to do the chain, corporate owners to look for the enterprise website is what industry, what is the company’s products, what is the product type, these are to be clear, I believe most of the webmaster should know that these enterprises, which is the premise of the chain. Just think, if the business enterprise is webmaster even myself do not know what the industry, do not know what is, what do you do outside the chain? Don’t do the chain in other industries? So, business owners must take these premise clear to do the chain.

for the construction of the chain enterprise problem, I can see a lot of every day, from the QQ group, and other community question answering platform, every day a large number of enterprise owners and industry owners in turn to this problem, this is really the case, including in reading this article webmaster, I believe that will resonate with you. Because this is one of the most common and the most popular topic of conversation and. In the face of such problems, the enterprise site in the end what needs to be done outside the chain can? I will write it out, I hope to help those who resonate with business owners.

, a look at the enterprise website belongs to what industry, what is the product (type




The URL specification of the website optimization.

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

just saw a message in Google Webmaster Central blog: on their new label on the canonical link support.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap


optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure


instead of this: 贵族宝贝 www.infoah贵族宝贝/page.php? Item=swedish-fish& trackingid=1234& sessionid=5678

label has also been recognized by YAHOO and Microsoft. Standard link label told the preferred URL search engine of a page should be what kind of.

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

special chain optimization:

technology website website construction as boundless as the sea and sky, the column should look like 贵族宝贝infoah贵族宝贝/web/index.html

! The

secondsWebsite optimization solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

website right down topics:

site construction site optimization, URL specification which shows that, although there is likely to repeat content, but the standard label here is not very effective, because it requires a lot of manual inspection. It is recommended to use meta Noindex tags will be more effective.

for the website which is very useful, because the variables it can have multiple versions of a page, such as tracking parameters or session ID. Another benefit is that the PR value is measured by the standard URL.

site is not very easy to cause duplicate content planning website, search engine in deciding which pages will eventually appear in the queue before the search results will take some time to collect a page other than a good evidence. "May contain duplicate content pages will not appear in the ranking.


The new medical website should be how to do site optimization in Shanghai Dragon

first time that protect a network though for several years, but the medical time and soon, only more than a year of appearance, but also has its own set of website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, the following point is only a personal view, just to explain from the direction of optimization, welcome medical industry friends criticism.

any medical network team, whether it is planning or production department, whether program or art, all of them have some skills, so the medical station of the whole program, template design, art sense and still don’t need to worry too. The optimization of personnel in this regard (basically is in charge of the task) just imagine a framework to allow them to go to the finish line.

? The development of the Internet

two: medical website internal and we understand how

chain construction: the new station on the line in front of everyone wrote robots.t>

: controllable factors of the medical station is actually very simple.

: for the content, content of the construction of medical personnel optimization are relatively layman, so more should be and find resources. Like to write articles related to chronic rhinitis, we may get to know the symptoms of chronic rhinitis, causes, hazards, treatment, care and prevention, believe that even if the content is similar to the resources, so for the optimization of editorial staff, should pay more attention to both the original, how convergence. As for the medical website content should be how to write the key words how the layout, how to do the contents of this anchor text and the guardian have said that many times, here no longer say.


no matter what the site, the content and the chain which is based on two, although before the Shanghai dragon website optimization personnel take a lot of detours, now the importance of these two aspects I believe we are very clear. Then the medical station how to do, how do the chain


so that all enterprises have established their own official website, and Shanghai Longfeng workers has become a rigid demand, although the industry was so rotten a few friends. But the role of the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is more let you pay attention to your website, do optimization? The guardian found many friends to the company recruits are over the working site, and for the medical industry, many of my friends will take over the new station, which began in 0 new station how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization?

to the medical profession, may each team will take over all the big shake up, put everything on a team of all, is to make the site. We know that the medical station was also considered a sensitive industry, and most of the team did not pay much attention to the medical station optimization (after all, bidding and news source channels such as fast), there is a team in the recruitment of most ordinary member recruitment is no experience (edit or pure extrapolation). All sorts of factors restricting the optimization of medical websites, so as to optimize the staff, how should we go to the railway station, the optimization of


To bring the gospel of the webmaster double chain tools upgrade on-line

two, rejected outside the chain of tools new upgraded version of the line

anomalyWhat is called

(1), the chain page analysis

2 upgrade, outside the chain of tools update what content

rejected outside the chain of tools is if you find the number of links pointing to your site, such as the low quality of false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool.

1, grab the abnormal

we love Shanghai grab abnormal tool to upgrade version of the line ", first of all, we should make it clear what is grasping abnormalities, for many webmaster, some things may be the most basic, is still not clear, today a lot of people ask me what is the" grasping, grasping the abnormal abnormal "is for the website can be a normal visit the page is consistent with the ordinary user access Baiduspider capture results should be content, when the Baiduspider capture content and general user access to content is inconsistent, that is the content of the website in Shanghai love exists in the grasping of abnormal.

provides the 8 abnormal, for the webmaster, this is very convenient, I think we understand the meaning of the expression of the love of Shanghai. Presents to us is a more convenient tool. There is a better operation for the site background, at the same time have a better love for Shanghai grab our web annotation. This advantage is to avoid the loss of the site collection and discharge of.

After 2 abnormal upgrade The

, which provides

(2), the new chain management

, love Shanghai grab tool to upgrade the on-line version of

1, what is rejected outside the chain of tools

chain analysis page update is to optimize the chain of information display, while the new state of rejection of the chain, this can let the webmaster know more clearly about the chain link their station URL, also can clearly see the link to your URL, as well as the anchor text and refused to state the chain.

May 28th, love Shanghai double chain tools new upgrade on-line, "chain analysis & rejected outside the chain of tools in today’s two pronged approach, gorgeous upgrades. The chain after the upgrade of the analysis tools can support batch refuse chain management and revocation of refuse, this is another major function after the whole network open chain query, on-line rejected outside the chain of tools to upgrade, the convenience of the station will be analyzed and the chain management data owners better, to help the site better operation." This also means that there is a great help for our webmaster, so that we can more easily grasp the chain operation of this one. At the same time, I want to also remind the webmaster, garbage outside the chain with the best way to protest, it will bring some negative effects on the website, I want to help but also a warning.

new chain management is divided into the chain and refused to support batch revocable chain has refused, "


The novice webmaster in website optimization psychology

may have been for a long time, so long that you have forgotten, how did you get through it.

you are updated every day, every day you are in optimization, you every day in the bitter forced post raise trumpet, every day you insist on the chain, every day you refresh your website ceaselessly, refresh Shanghai, Google love… Because of you because of your firm and indomitable, unremittingly, because of you stick to, because of your bitter spirit, you finally moved to love Shanghai, Google, your website start >

but we have magical love Shanghai, Google, universal A5 Adsense nets, so we headed in, crazy to learn what we need nutrients to enrich their own lack of optimization of all aspects of promotion in the site, to improve our understanding of web based, rather than a new face. The girl did not know where to ask. Through uninterrupted influence this period of time, each beginning novice webmaster something, also began to have a general understanding and planning for the future, know what work is to be done every day, what the new line will do six things, what website optimization five essential elements, what to teach you how to optimize keywords and so on, these we are a little, also began to try to use on your website, anyhow also is the Enlightenment from the website optimization. At this stage we call the ignorant.

believe that every beginning novice website have such experience, what all don’t understand, utterly ignorant of his heart, and his heart will stand on the line, very excited, but there are some hesitation, why? Because of their own for the structural layout, the whole section of the web site classification, site optimization, keyword the selection, optimization of the chain, the long tail word judgment, how to increase the amount collected, how to improve the site traffic and so on, are confused, like a bull rush into the fog, trying to find a cow just as confused, at a loss, after like a child do wrong to see the parents hand do not know where to put, and like a hound to a hedgehog, unable to eat. At this stage, we call the unknown period.


however, we still have a long way to go.

site traffic or no improvement, our keyword ranking is not very high, our website is still ranked millions away, we love Shanghai, PR or low weight of despair, but the key thing is that we have been the beginning of the crazy and happy mood, we started the whole website the optimization community have a general understanding, know that this is a what kind of job, really very tired and bitter boil. If we can certainly won’t do such a stupid thing. Then boil it, who let the head come in? Put so much energy, manpower, material and financial resources, there can be no backward, it is impossible to have the intention to quit, or how would say website are mad, not crazy spirit, you can’t go through this – we call waiting period.


The method of machinery and equipment industry to develop web site keywords layout


3. the degree of competition is lower and the index is also very low key words we call a super long term, this type of keywords competition degree is very low, it is often overlooked, so very easy to optimization, super long tail word also called transactional keywords.

2. degree of competition and the general index is generally called the long tail keywords, the keywords competition degree is low, the optimization of long tail keywords easily, also known as information type keywords.

for laser cutting machine industry through keyword analysis tools, divides good keywords one by one layout.

1. degree of competition intense and high index of the keywords we call popular keywords, is also our main object of optimization, also called the navigation key.

now more and more attention, in order to save the cost of marketing, the small and medium-sized enterprise to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization of steering the original bidding. At present over the small laser cutting machine is the original Shanghai sex industry website auction, due to the promotion of high cost greatly increase the enterprise cost, so the strategy transferred to Shanghai dragon. Xiao Bian today according to the laser cutting machine at present over the site to talk about how to make the layout of key words.


1. navigation key words: screening of 2-3 a popular keyword as the main keywords with home key optimization, the need to pay attention to the key words is too much will distract your weight, too little to no value, so the choice of 2-3 as the main optimization keywords >

has divided into hot and non hot, according to the analysis of small series of laser cutting machine industry keywords, keyword competition is very intense, do keyword analysis can avoid some difficult words carefully, to know the keyword optimization to love Shanghai home page will not be too rigid, but the degree of competition is more conducive to the general keyword optimization, more valuable.





four, the layout of the key words:

analysis, ,

we can use third party tools, such as webmaster tools, tools, keywords Daru love Shanghai promotion Keywords tools, these tools are very useful, we can use these tools to dig out the key words laser cutting machine industry, gather together.

Shanghai dragon staff all know, do Shanghai Longfeng are usually implemented two strategies, is a popular keyword strategy, another is the long tail word strategy. If you want to find these keywords first to dig out, how to tap the

Keywords: Shanghai dragon Keywords Keywords

three, grade

how to analyze these keywords? We can use some keyword analysis tools, such as the Shanghai love promotion tools, webmaster tools. The keyword analysis tool small general use webmaster tools.

can be divided into three levels through keyword analysis tool.


What do the place can prevent the site is down right

web site to start considering making a website is down right, factors which involves several aspects, the following we briefly analyze:

four, the website chain love Shanghai recently on the site outside the chain to do some adjustment, foreign chain to more stringent requirements, Google will not say, always requirements are very strict. So what kind of chain is the chain quality is not high? 1, the existence of a large number of the chain repeat the same site, do the chain to do wide net, not a single point or a few places to do; 2, the chain related degree is not high, the chain in addition to the wide area, also called correlation, the chain is related to the theme of your site, so that it is outside the chain of high quality.

to do the optimization of the most depressing thing is probably the site is down right, daily WenJiQiWu, finally let the stars chase the moon, the normal data website, hardly happy soon found the website not updated snapshot, less included or not included, the chain is deleted by one half and so on, this signal is the site is down right. We want to avoid the occurrence of such a situation is not a difficult thing, as long as a few simple, right down ah what are the clouds.

two, the space factor and site architecture and label information can be roughly the same, this will directly lead to site is down right, and the prevention method is very simple, only need to ensure that the two points can be stable. So we in the online before, must make adequate preparations, understand the market, determine the label information, design a good site structure, once the line, it is best not to change again later. Because once you want to modify these things, you know the consequences…

three, the content of the website search engine is designed to show the useful things, so no matter what a search product is not high on the quality of the information is very disgusting, the quality is not high, that such information may be collected or use false original tools to get some of the lack of content readability the. If the site is filled with a lot of such content, there is no doubt that there will be a time of the search engine focused on your station.

, the factors of space choice is very important, but often we as a webmaster, in this respect is precisely the most powerless. The standard choice is nothing more than the speed and stability. Here is only a brief mention, when the specific choice depends on the person.

written in the last: although it is never too late, but if can guarantee some depressing things do not appear in the web development process, it is not better, and we are prepared to pay the price, only the user experience point of view is to do some work based on search engine is for the user to consider, the best of both worlds at the same time, but also bring unexpected gains, such as: to the website ranking. I remember an article is talking about website content and rank >


The method of comparative analysis of internal site search function

the first choice, love Shanghai custom search function. Love Shanghai in order to effectively promote the development of webmaster, and achieve a win-win situation, this love Shanghai provides rich webmaster tools, including love Shanghai custom search is a very useful search module for the webmaster friends, only need to be introduced, do not need to develop two times to achieve the search easy the. But this method also has some defects, because it has no customization features, so there are still some defects in the depth of integration.

this is from the entire Internet environment to analyze, and with the growing scale of website, increasing content, if only rely on the traditional navigation system, let the user through the column page to find relevant content, often let users spend more time using the efficiency which seriously affect the user. So the internal site search function to become more and more important, especially those with web content to win even more so.

Internet content fast growth rate, is almost a geometric rate of growth, if there is no search engine, for users, obviously difficult to quickly obtain relevant content, so love Shanghai, Google etc. these search engines came into being, and after more than 10 years of development, has already become the current Internet giant, from the rapid development of these companies, but also fully demonstrates the importance of search engine function.

is for the grassroots webmaster, site method is mainly constructed by PHPCMS or DEDE free site program, these free CMS station system are usually built in the corresponding search module, search module but these poor correlation is often search out the content can not meet the needs of users, so we through other ways to improve the internal site search function, the following is to explore the method of comparison of several commonly used.

second, open source system choosing third party search function. For example, the common SOLR and SPHINX software, the open source system can directly was introduced to the site, so as to realize the station search function. But for a lot of technical level is not high webmaster friends, the application of these open source systems tend to have a certain degree of difficulty, need to learn in actual use, it often affects the enthusiasm of the application of the webmaster.

third, to get the required custom services by purchasing way. This method has high cost disadvantage, after all need to purchase the corresponding customized services, often require the cost of money, for the grassroots webmaster, may own investment funds is not enough, so in the purchase of third party custom service enthusiasm is not high, but from the performance point of view, the custom has a good search experience, and now the Internet also began to appear in the free version, plus the system of open source is more and more high, so these customized service fees also began to reduce, so from the perspective of the development of website brand, using custom >


Web site operators need to practice the three skills a lot of people are maintained in the first lay

I once saw a professional website operation of friends, very young, many of the Internet business, familiar with. Results more than half a year, there is no result. "The boss asked me to learn some of the enterprise business, what does this have to do with me!" the young operators complained. In fact, in this one, the young people do not too good, at least, most of the time and the real situation of enterprise exaggeration, big difference. This website operation thinking, and the reality, like the ancient General Zhao army including the loss of four hundred thousand, "empty talk and lack of combat experience,


enterprise website construction, means the beginning of the website operation. How to effectively carry out the website operation? Different talents to the different strategies, different industry operating experience is different, for example, on the Taobao website as an example, because there are a lot of mature experience, it is not too difficult, but the industry website is different, the network information is less, only do Shanghai dragon search engine optimization, path to the traffic is not too much, this time how to find the effective operation method of


The on-line


many web site operators are more or less so, dogmatism seriously. If the operation site requires practicing internal strength, this is the first layer. In fact, the first layer is the most easy, there are ready-made love Shanghai search engine, there are ready-made keywords, have resources available through the channel, and then get paid or links, gradually do website ranking. As long as you find the right way to do, sooner or later have website ranking.

for the website operators, mainly refers to the enterprise website operation, see two interesting articles, an article that enterprises do not attach importance to web site operators, the status quo is passive; the other is attention of enterprise website operation, the effect is not ideal. However, the final results are the same,


website ranking has become the only pursuit, the first step is to go wrong. We just find some brands, such as GREE, Haier, millet…… So, enter the relevant keywords in the search engine, the website is in the first row, and open the site, did not do what optimization, but they are easy to do first. But even if these brands do first, did not stop the practice, continuously through a variety of news channel non-stop news exposure…… So, do the first website operation keywords is important, however, to be the only goal, then, the website operators in the first layer of practice will never wander.

so, someone will ask, three layers of strength you said all including? Say simply, is that after the master network promotion means, understand the industry status and products, and then to clear the website operation to solve what problem, what is the number one objective? Finally, website operation strategy completely beyond the most.

website operation failed!