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first_imgDecember 7, 2009Last Friday, Dec. 4. 2009, Paolo Soleri and Mary Hoadley returned from China with a stop in Torino, Italy. Soleri was honored by the city of his birth and also attended an event to introduce a new book, written by Professor Iolanda Lima, about Soleri’s early work. We hope to have a full report later. [text: sue] We continue our report from 12/4/2009 about the “3 DIMENSIONAL CITY: FUTURE CHINA” exhibition at BEIJING CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Beijing, China. [photo: close-up of Lean Linear City (LLC) model] Continuation of statement by Paolo Soleri for this exhibition. [” “] From WHAT IF? QUADERNO 9 SOLARE: LEAN LINEAR CITY REFORMULATION “The ever-delusional effort to combine the exurban diaspora with an efficient public transit system has been and will “forever” be a naïve notion bordering on dementia.” [photo: tt & text: Paolo Soleri] [image: isometric view of and node and a module of Lean Linear City (LLC)] “In the lean construct of an organism, each cell of the body is fed and cleansed by symmetrically astounding networks of arteries and veins. Trillions of cells are kept living and working by the gossamer reticulum of an inimitable delivery-retrieval system.” [Computer graphics: Youngsoo Kim & text: Paolo Soleri] [image: computer rendering for the model of Lean Linear City] “Our monstrous multitudes of automobiles, soon over six billion (American Dream), will never achieve even a pale approximation of the logistical perfection of any organism.” [3-D rendering: Youngsoo Kim & text: Paolo Soleri] [image: computer rendering for the model of Lean Linear City] “Furthermore, a culture based on the automobile leads to the diaspora of habitat, inevitably segregating people and stifling true novelty, the synergies of culture and civilization.” [3-D rendering: Youngsoo Kim & text: Paolo Soleri] [image: computer rendering of LLC features, such as Photovolteic Ribbons, Wind Turbines, Greenhouse and Energy Apron, Elevated Parks, Inner Parks, Inner Park Stream, Light Rail and Local Train, Streams and MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DAM and BRIDGE] “The triumphal technological march of Homo faber is overloading the poorly designed “arterial and venous” networks we naïvely have embraced. The suburban logistical network is sclerotic, and worse, doomed. In order to remain marginally viable, the life of the “organism” becomes grotesque. An aerial view of exurban diaspora evidences that grotesque, monotonous, shallow, delusional life. It is un-civil-ized, i.e., deprived of civitas (the city), but serves well the production, consumption, segregation, waste, and pollution cycles of raw capitalism. The survival of the fittest is its rule, while its very livelihood rests in the obscurantism of materialism. For 1.3 billion Chinese people, the Arcadian utopia conjured by the automobile is a make-believe the planet can’t stomach, much less serve. The hyper-consumption now charming nations does not call forcefully enough for the coherence and idealism now necessary to prevent Homo faber suicide (animism and theology should satisfy our idolatries enough). Our indifference toward the sun and its climatic rage taxes our fragile presence. How to best harness a fraction of the sun’s energy, now that fossil fuels are beginning to show signs of exhaustion, is essential to the structural and functional morphology of the proposed urban ribbon. Its predisposition toward a clean and lean nature includes harvesting solar energy on the spot and paying attention to the logistics of contemporary consumers. We have been de-coupling the urban from the logistical (transportation) and as long as we stay in hyper-consumption mode and persist in automobile supremacy, the conflict has no solution. It is a simple fact of physics (transportation) and hyper-physics (the Urban Effect). SOLARE [LLC] channels both the physical and the hyper-physical (civilization-culture) presence in self-contained complexes and intense urban ribbons capable of lining the continent in the leanest possible mode. The variations available for the single module (200 meters in length) to “clone” itself are unlimited, given the ingenuity and the resolve of the planners, designers, and populations involved. For us ignorant Westerners, it is almost like witnessing not the rebirth of a nation, but a brand new branch of the human genome falling from the heavens. The suddenness of the metamorphosis, the size of things, and the massive population involved is jolting. One fourth of the planet’s population is taking off! It’s breathtaking. For where it will end up is pure guesswork.” This completes the Palo Soleri statement for the present “3 Dimensional City: Future China” exhibition in Beijing, China. We will continue this report on Wednesday, 12/9/2009 with additional images of The Lean Linear City, report concentrates on MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DAM and BRIDGE part of the LLC. [3-D rendering: Youngsoo Kim & text: Paolo Soleri, sue]last_img

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