State Department 3 new independent innovation demonstration zone pilot focus breakthrough

yesterday, the State Council held the general assembly has clearly demonstrated the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship work can not be lax. The meeting said that 3 new independent innovation demonstration zone, a comprehensive innovation in the system test in Shanghai, to try to focus on breakthroughs, the formation of new growth, the development of new advantages.

According to the

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Brown coffee

coffee (coffee zone), a fresh and simple style of coffee to join the chain brand, has been advocating fashion and health products. In order to spread the culture of coffee as its own responsibility to do the consumer favorite coffee products. It is located in the middle and small coffee shop to join, the target customer is set for the young gens, fashion group, we are committed to doing "professional public coffee", do ordinary students, office workers can afford to wear the coffee.

coffee coffee domain respected green and healthy living ideas, from material selection to production to the final product, and strive to fresh and healthy products; we focus on the expression of fashion coffee culture and healthy consumption concept, exquisite fashion decoration, thoughtful service, now grinding extraction coffee quality, affordable price, is the coffee domain successful magic weapon of choice. To cater to consumers increasingly accelerated pace of life, brown coffee domain with its convenient features, and provide services, with fast and convenient service concept, to provide a warm palm for consumers. read more

College students keen to sell fruit

recently a survey is very interesting, it is said that many college students are inclined to choose to start selling, selling fruit, send out the like. Recently, Zhaopin released a survey shows that in college students entrepreneurial projects, the most popular is not technology, finance and other high-tech projects, but selling fruit". Why college students keen to send out to sell fruit or do catering? Why do college students tend to choose low technology content and low gold content?

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Taiwan sister will die boyfriend stabbed back

lovers of course is the best, but it did not make people feel helpless. Recently, a sister in Taiwan, in order to commemorate the death of her boyfriend, the death of her boyfriend stabbed back, so bold practice how do you see it?

20 year old woman stabbed her dead boyfriend behind! Bath can also see   new boyfriend must accept tattoos.

Taiwan Taoyuan 20 years old people nicknamed "Mimi" woman and her boyfriend Qiuxing fell in love for 2 and a half years, but at the end of her boyfriend because of germ cell cancer died, meters to commemorate her boyfriend birthday in March 23rd, his portrait tattoo on the back. She said, no matter what the future, her boyfriend is the indelible memory of life. read more

We know how to choose home stores

people’s efforts to make money is to want a good living environment, a good living environment how little a good home? Furniture products are now consumer favorite, now the furniture market competition is greater. From the point of view of entrepreneurs to think, want to join the store to get a wider source, it is necessary to choose a good store store and address. Today, we talk about the home store location information.

1, high frequency of commercial activities in the region: such areas of commercial activity in the shops in the area, the turnover will be high. This is the so-called land where the strength of the operators will generally pay in order to. On the contrary, if the store opened in inaccessible places, the turnover is difficult to raise the rent again cheap also lack of operating value. read more

Want to do business but also need to cultivate five

now select the number of venture capital is more and more big, the number of entrepreneurs opened a retail store is on the rise, many people think it is very competitive, operators and customer communication is difficult to retain customers is more difficult. How to do a good job of business, which naturally became a lot of retail store owners are concerned about the problem.

I have been engaged in tobacco and liquor business for more than 20 years, the store has also experienced a process from small to large, at present, my business scale and grade in our city are among the best. Sometimes people ask me how the business is doing so well, my experience is: make yourself with confidence, ambition, enthusiasm, sincerity, to concentrate on the "Five", improve their ability to grasp the market judgment, improve the service level to the customer, so that their talent shows itself in many business home. read more

What are the risks of opening a mother shop

entrepreneurial shop this idea is good, but in the current market environment, the opening of a mother and child shop has become a choice for more people. However, due to fierce competition in the industry, and now no matter what they are faced with a very big risk, so do the mother and child business. So, what are the risks of opening a mother shop?

first, the rent is high: the mother and child shop consumption has been narrow, if the location is not good sales promotion means, it is difficult to improve business, and lots of good store rents and high. read more

Recommend several suitable for college students venture

entrepreneurial threshold has been reduced to an unprecedented level, almost can not be said that there is no threshold, so the use of entrepreneurship to promote employment, the slogan spawned a lot of entrepreneurs. The following items are well suited for college students who start from scratch.

for undergraduate poineering project characteristics: beauty

entrepreneurs to find gold in the beauty industry, we must rely on the win. For example, pet beauty is a new field of good; hairdressing is also popular in favor of white-collar services, in the ear candles, essential oil steam, this sounds fantastic, but there is a beauty Yee, eliminate fatigue, physical illnesses and other magical effects, due to the health, fashion has two big selling point it is Unlimited Business Opportunities fragrancesproduction andaromatherapybeauty. For the crowd: the threshold is low, laid-off workers, college graduates can get involved. Business advice: the key to beauty is to have a professional beautician, professional service in order to have credibility, hiring professionals or get professional certificate is the first choice for practitioners. read more

Stationery store where to make money

Although the

shop is to make money, many investors also use this as a goal, however, if the business address selection is not correct, even if the latter is so hard, I’m afraid the effect is not significant, profit nature is difficult to achieve. So, if you want to open a profitable stationery shop, site work needs to be done. So, stationery shop in what place can make money? Let Xiaobian to you.

Wang, in 2006, Beibei District, Chongqing, Southwestern University, opened a stationery shop near the school, over the years to open 5, annual sales of over ten million. read more

Jilin nstitute of industry and Commerce held the first Longhu Cup business plan competition

college students from the early years of immature development, the level has been significantly improved. Not only has the sense of innovation and creative thinking, but also be able to take into account the docking and compatibility with the market. College students are gradually improving their level with the progress of the times.

10 on the afternoon of 28 May, the Jilin Institute of Commerce and industry held a "beyond the dream, entrepreneurship in the future" as the theme of the first "Longhu Cup" business plan competition". read more

How much money to open an ice cream shop

delicious ice cream is not only delicious, but also bring a lot of profit, is a lot of people want to engage in small business choices, how much money to open an ice cream shop? On this issue, there is no standard answer, if you open a shop, then the funds needed to get some more, if you open a shop stalls, then the funds needed to be less. Different areas of the shop, shop area is different, different brands of investment, will affect the cost of investment in ice cream shop.

open ice cream store, equipment investment of about 18 thousand yuan, store area of 5-10 square meters, power supply 220 volts, employees 1-2 people, more than $1000 of liquidity. In addition to operating ice cream, but also the sale of fast food, beverages, barbecue, etc., such as proper operation, half an investment can be recovered. read more

How about opening a teahouse Good prospects

how about opening a teahouse? Do you make money? Many franchisees are very interested in the characteristics of the teahouse, want to invest in a shop, but the development of the industry is not very familiar with, if you want more information, to see it, small finishing the relevant information, I hope to help you.

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Western food is the perfect combination of taste and ingredients

Western-style food and Chinese food are very different, Western-style food ingredients for elegant very carefully, and will be a little bit of food problems directly affect the taste of dishes, Western-style food will classic taste with perfect molecular structure of different ingredients, cooking ingredients according to our personality, avoid short, bring the seemingly simple but unexpected taste is absolutely the chef the craft and ingredients to multiple level test.

a cold clean kitchen for the East Western-style food is like a regular shape material indifferent password box, from the appearance can not glimpse a mysterious, strange aroma of Perilla rosemary Basil oregano exudes with a layer of mystery; yourself is the interpretation of its maturity, listen to the kitchen clock never stop arrangement or drift of aroma in the face for the first time in any case, it is a difficult problem. read more

You do not have to worry about money to join the yogurt

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we gradually improve the demand for healthy eating. Yogurt bar? Not only to meet the basic needs of consumers for a healthy diet, at the same time, join the yogurt bar project, or the best choice for entrepreneurship. So, what are you hesitating about?

now as a health drink yogurt that welcomed by consumers, yogurt as a nutritious beverage has become a necessity for the healthy life of modern people, the effect of weight loss is to let the female friends love it, yogurt is also more and more. read more

He opened a successful entrepreneurial shop

with the popularity of online shopping in people’s lives, basically can buy things online, even small series of the more than and 50 year old parents will buy things online shopping online, visible online shopping popularity, it is so open shop is also increasing, the competition pressure is great, today we speak is a large coffee shop is how to open the shop out of the fame.

Zhejiang people do the network, there is a very popular words: do not make money site is shameful. In an office building in luomashi, born in 1981, Ma Yuegang’s has nearly 20 young employees, his website also let peer attention. read more

nner Mongolia to develop green organic industry

Green organic industry

now the market which has formed a scale, at the same time, in the rural areas of the country are vigorously promote into the establishment of green organic industry, in some areas of Inner Mongolia on the formation of green organic industry demonstration base.

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Operating wedding company to share the successful experience

now choose to open the wedding company, is also a lot of businesses to consider things, after the shop, how to carry out the steady development, so that their own brands gradually scale? This problem is worth every business thinking. Let’s take a look at a successful experience.

when it comes to scale, I also saw some of the company’s operation in scale. So I think this is the scale of this thing varies from person to person. Let’s give an example. If today I use a piece of wood to make a very beautiful sculpture, sculpture. Well, I have such a sculpture out, I give you. Different from selling, what is it, art. If you take me this sculpture, the scale of the operation, to make a mold, do more than 20 thousand, it is a kind of art? It is most often referred to as crafts, followed by commodities. So I would like to ask you a question, do you want to give the guests the goods or works of art? read more