The Shanghai dragon sharing website optimization experience

second, the website itself every day to update the contents of the article, because every day in Shanghai Longfeng snapshot update, so we should cultivate the habit of search engines every day to crawl your site, then that is the most attractive, the best is the original article, the content focuses on the page keywords, combined with ZhengZhan theme. If there is no original can find related articles on the Internet, to a large extent changed a little, it is best to express his own way of expression, that is the best, which is indirectly into your own original article. read more

The operation method of enterprise website promotion should be respected

content of the original false original add some relevant content collected properly, these estimates are the webmaster friends do not want to see it, but it does good to the search engine. Outside chain is related to the forums, classified sites, submitted to the soft chain construction, with the ordinary website optimization is.

enterprise web content relative to other website content is less and less, the optimization for the enterprise website, many people have mentioned, but just from the search engine of what to do in the station optimization, make the quality of the chain, so that the site keywords ranking. These are only for search engine optimization, not from the industry point of view, to grasp the characteristics of the user group. Here I come to share themselves on a corporate website promotion optimization method. read more

How to write an article

is divided into two kinds: learning to read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles, which combined with the best, go outside to see, go outside to look at, more contact with some people, see more things, you.

actually wrote anything, want to love others, the most important is to provide value to people, is someone watching you this article and do not see is different, get some new ideas about the goods can be read, it is best to let people have an effect that is filled with wisdom, the real success. read more

Talk about now do site optimization also need to send the chain

first, Shanghai Dragon Girl from the chain since reform have not found what the site was outside the chain to do more and be loved in Shanghai came right or be K, of course, what the mass of the chain and the chain except for cheating. What we say here is not illegal outside the chain, but the chain classification information and forums and blogs do.

is the conclusion: now do optimization also need to send the chain.

technology articles site can set up a blog ecosystem, most effective and most easily is the blog ecosystem associated with the establishment of long tail keywords, then the ecosystem weights and fans into the website. Not only can let the ecosystem blog to get some rankings, but also promote the new weight and get traffic read more

Taobao Shanghai dragon is the key techniques and methods

and Taobao Shanghai dragon, as a generalization of the effective mode, is a magic weapon for the development of Taobao shop! The name is Shanghai Dragon: by adapting to the Taobao search ranking rules, optimization technology to make the baby get in the Taobao search results first show, Taobao is a Shanghai dragon through the study of Taobao ranking rules, the optimization to meet the baby Taobao ranking rules baby of their own, so as to improve our baby’s position, get traffic

3, the recommended window. If the Never mind words, then the meaning of his existence is zero, so as to understand why this factor, knew that he must be effective. So baby must do window recommended. read more

Site is not the first site of many other aspects of normal Site’s role in weakening it

but through the webmaster tools query, the overall website or normal

first, site results page is in accordance with the website page with contribution flow number in descending order. That is to say, in the face of the website page with the increasing flow in site results ranked first. Is the total pages obtained directly from the search engine traffic.

Another reason is that the

so, although the universality of the details can not be ignored, but don’t worry too much. Shanghai Longfeng work is indeed a need to carefully work, but also need to be patient, but also affect the search engine platform and based on various uncontrollable factors, the site is also very difficult to achieve perfect in every respect. > read more

Pure text outside the chain effect analysis whether useful or useless

in comparison to the traditional Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, we all think that only the anchor text chain can let the spider grab and give weight, so also created many owners are not willing to do those pure text outside the chain, and that this chain is useless for our website optimization work. But in the small stand in these years of practice found that is not the case, pure text outside the chain not only can make the spider, and the role is also not inferior to the anchor text of the chain, the main point is pure text outside the chain do a lot better than the anchor text is convenient. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to analyze the needs of users to enhance the website competitiven

as everyone knows, with the escalation of love Shanghai website optimization algorithm, for the user experience requirements increase, but what is the user experience? How can we use the performance strategy to help us achieve the desired results in the optimization strategy, this is a Shanghai dragon er must be considered, that is the user user experience visit the site after the feeling after reading of website article is in user behavior, the user can stimulate the desire to read more articles, can stimulate the user to purchase the product moment desire. The author through the following three aspects and detailed analysis, if through the grasp of user behavior to enhance the competitiveness of the website optimization. read more

From the four aspects of factors which will affect the conversion rate of the mall site

, two contact

personal website has very high requirements for the site access speed, not to mention the mall type, if the users search into your site, but for a long time are not open the page, then it will be done to understand the information of goods, naturally can not talk about buying. So, for the mall type of website access speed occupied in the user’s psychological position is very important, after all, are now popular fast, maybe some customers to buy is a rise of blood cramps, see what you want to buy, as long as the user took a fancy to the natural desire to purchase will be strengthened, it would be easy to reach a deal. So, even the most basic access speed cannot be guaranteed, how about turnover and conversion rate? Website access speed is the basic factors for the conversion rate. read more

Awesome text live travel network reflects the server security concerns

of course, the first few pages of this similar website, do not believe that you can love Shanghai "live travel network". At first glance, that is the station group. But more and more like. See the chain, see the website domain name like station operation! Then open a website, found that web sites are different content.

then opened the love Shanghai snapshot, find that live tour information network. It is not really the station group, but the site being cheated. Such a large site is occupied, is estimated to be the same server site. read more

Grassroots fail the causes of the failure of several blog sprocket strategy

First of all thank The weight ratio of

A5 webmaster network became the first submission, "grassroots Internet challenges fail: the success or failure" to release mentality, if you want to have some fun can look at my failures.

well, because I am small grassroots have before are in random in the BBS and blog the chain, up some experience began to study how to keep a good blog, for the website with a good entrance. Do not say good, also do not know how high, I take the new station as an example, when the station on the A server, a reason has just been included 10 a few, including the home page. Move on to the B server, with Bo group took less than a month, included 90, good article for one or two hours, a little article does not receive or every one or two days. read more

Google plans to apply for the noble baby and Youtube top level domain

"we have just begun to explore the Internet source of innovation," Cerf said, "by providing more Internet domain information access path selection, we want users to be able to find a more diverse and less."

ICANN by the expansion of the scope of the program name last year, the purpose is to promote the network innovation. ICANN said the scope of the plan to expand the domain name will have thousands of new Internet suffixes, the agency will publish has submitted an application domain name list in June 13th. read more

How clever the mining long tail keywords

3, through the website statistics. Webmaster statistical tools or a lot of, for example, 51 webmaster tools and love Shanghai statistics, choose one of your own love. Learn to look at the background statistics, Xinger must use is love Shanghai statistics, the background can be seen "visitors with what search words in the top ten, so you can see the visitors come to your site to see which contains the keywords extracted from these words, the heap flow is relatively large, long-term vitality of key phrases this combination, screening, two optimization, after a period of time you will find it on your traffic and conversion rates will be of great advantage. Remember the Internet had such a word "don’t understand statistics webmaster is not good. read more

You need to know which basis before the novice to learn Shanghai dragon knowledge

Shanghai dragon is a strategy of strong work, not only reflected in the later stage of all levels for site operation and maintenance including user experience, content construction, chain and so on we need to focus on long-term adherence to the above, the author thinks that as a novice optimization personnel, understand the basic knowledge "is to accelerate Shanghai dragon learning progress is be of great advantage, good gossip short continued the author will from the following several aspects in detail and to share. read more

The product is of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon crack optimization key ranking



before the love of Shanghai library, few people know that there is a very good Shanghai Longfeng optimization skills, because many articles are through the format of the picture passed up, leave the chain website even in this article, the natural picture format >

: the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love difficult analysis

love Shanghai know not only contributes to the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, but also help website marketing, so love Shanghai know, now has become a lot of stationmaster must conquer love, but know Shanghai after several rectification, want to fall in love with the sea know inside to leave the chain has been very not easy and even some advertisements are difficult to release it, how to do! A policy or, under the measures, which can be replaced by IP, or find a few gunmen, released the theme of doubt, several other people give the theme answer, and then set the best answer, so that you can complete the basic questions sometimes! Good luck, but also in the end of the answer, leave your chain website read more

The website included 301 redirect and rapid recovery solution

2), a 301 redirect server, now most of the virtual host management panel provides this option. For example, I use DA. Or some domestic panel are. Because of different specific methods (panel, can leave a message, I help you. Or to love Shanghai. Described here is not in. Of course) if you are a VPS user or server users may not install their own panel because of this function, you can use 1 or 3.

feel good, because I love Shanghai about predecessor is how to deal with this matter, found some people a month has not been included. So I feel really lucky. Here we do not doubt my new collection will not be included in Shanghai normal love. Because I certainly is my own credit. Below I will put his method did share out, give you a reference. read more

The website structure would influence the optimization effect

three, the content of the website, whether it is search engine grab. The content of the website in the early is very important. Is the site through assessment of the factors, need to do the corresponding preparation. The best, when the website is built, in preparation for the. Both of the website, make a coherent sense, can be included in search engines in the short term;

shows that the website structure is very important. Rather than simply built website, launched the optimization, to achieve the corresponding effect. Between the two, is a kind of causal relationship. Can not is such to have the order reversed. If the latter, can only be flustered. What time is long, will not achieve the effect of the corresponding optimization. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝 read more

The user experience of the website optimization carousel figure skills

Hua: some optimization recently made to the site map carousel, although it seems simple, but from the user’s perspective, but it can get interesting experience.

4, move the mouse on the picture from the picture immediately after the pause, skip to the next picture and continue the carousel;

, 2 digital pictures together with navigation cycle;

experience is not uncomfortable, such as the mouse into pictures just want to see clearly the details when they jump to the next, yes, this is very hurt the feelings of the user. How to solve the problem, the principle is very simple, the mouse into suspended picture carousel, mouse out of recovery carousel. read more

Medical network editing hand SEM

1, the pure Title party. As the early symptoms of cervical erosion ", the title itself is a good long tail keywords, can bring traffic and a considerable number of visitors. But the content is full of talking about their own hospital technology and how well their hospital costs how low, the hospital’s own reputation and how loud. Originally, visitors through the search engine search results to see the title of this article and click to enter, but this paper is not to the point is the biggest taboo for users, is likely to lead in the hearts of users directly to the serious consequences of the ban of the station. I believe this is the medical industry site visitors residence time (AVG. time on site) is one of the reasons and site visit depth generally low. read more

Only two weeks to recover on their own website noble baby punishment

address: 贵族宝贝 noble baby -lifts-ban-on-beatthatquote.html

punishment?The In this paper,

March 8th women’s day baby with 37 million 700 thousand pounds to buy the British aristocracy parity website BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝, and search quality department within second days of the nobility baby BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 have been found illegal behavior to upgrade their noble baby search rankings, so soon be demoted to the N page, then there are a lot of people of noble baby loyalty clapping and cheering. read more