Entrepreneurial success rate of less than 13

a lot of people will choose to venture, because of the envy of the winners, the desire for wealth, so he also risked taking on the entrepreneurial path. However, if enough understanding of the industry should know that the success rate of entrepreneurship is actually very low, or even less than 1/3.

according to statistics, the proportion of new companies in the United States to survive for 10 years was 4%. 40% years after the first year of bankruptcy, bankruptcy within 5 years of bankruptcy, the survival of 20% in the past 5 years, there are 80% bankruptcy in second. Harvard Business School study found that the success rate of the first venture is 23%, but the success of entrepreneurs to re start the success ratio is 34%. read more

Join Babeile ice cream easy boss

Ice cream has always been a popular choice for us around

. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project, is a stepping stone for us to success. Babeile ice cream? Quality projects, is the first step we worry about entrepreneurship!

What is the

Babeile ice cream franchise fee?

Babeile ice cream for summer season, this is a good way to make money, we can make our life every day can live in the cool season, joining Babeile ice cream, can not lose. Babeile ice cream with twelve basic flavors of milk, chocolate, strawberry, taro, pineapple, orange, apple, Green Tea, vanilla, cantaloupe, grapes, coffee, quickly to meet the different age, different levels of consumer tastes. read more

131 multinational technology transfer project is expected to settle in Jiangsu

enterprise development can not be separated from the superb technology, so the introduction of technology can not be ignored, 131 of the multinational technology transfer project is expected to settle in Jiangsu. Last week, the first China – Central and Eastern European countries innovation cooperation conference and the Fifth International Research Cooperation Forum and the International Conference on technology transfer in Ning ended. 14, the provincial government held a special press conference to introduce the relevant circumstances and results. Reporters learned that during the general assembly, one on one to negotiate docking more than and 300 multinational technology transfer projects, of which 131 are expected to achieve cooperation intentions. read more

Entrepreneurs need to know the anti contract fraud measures

on the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs often encounter all kinds of people, including some swindlers. Many scammers use the lack of knowledge of the contract of the contract, the contract fraud, the need for entrepreneurs to improve vigilance. How to prevent contract fraud? Here are some practical measures to help.

1. see qualification certificate

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80 after the guy home to sell sausage harvest more

every dawn is the darkest moment, before every success is the most difficult time, today we bring the boys back home sold a 80 and sausage story build up the family fortunes in the whole process, he paid a lot, touched a lot of people.

how to fail, afraid of fear of inner weakness

2011 this year, 23 year old Zhu Deming, immature he embarked on a journey to South Africa, opened the future battles and longing for a better life, started their own hard work, with their own courage and fighting spirit, make his own future. read more

Charging station business opportunities are good but pay attention to risk

because of the huge amount of electric vehicles on the market, so that the charging of this business was officially born, and became the starting point for countless people get rich. Because the investment is small, the market is big, the profit return is quick, therefore the charging station business opportunity is very hot, has received numerous people’s welcome, but if you want to do this business, then certainly must pay attention to the risk!

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Children’s photography industry is worth investing

children photography projects, attracting a lot of attention franchisee. Now the children’s service industry development prospects are very good, and demand is rising. If you want to worry about the investment business, you need to be prepared. New franchisee can learn a lot of relevant skills, so that franchisees can easily get a good profit.

according to the official investigation report of multiple channels, child care training has been for many years, children photography industry headquarters, the franchise has permission to franchisees and take care of business circles that is " the potential industry and high rate of return on investment. " read more

The theme of the hotel to join which brand is good K&Q chaopai Seminal Hotel how net

with the gradual improvement of our living standards, the hotel business, is getting better and better, then the theme of the hotel to join the brand? K& how about Q tide Seminal Hotel? The choice of trusted brand joining project.

theme hotel to join which brand good? Why Xiaobian recommended K& Q; chaopai Seminal Hotel? The reason is that K& Q; chaopai Seminal Hotel is a set of themes, art, chaopai and social, intelligence, ing in one chaopai Seminal Hotel, chaopai, creative, to the guests "king and Queen" the Royal service is the eternal pursuit of Q Inn Hotel K& K&, Q; chaopai Seminal Hotel is committed to building the first brand Chinese chaopai Seminal Hotel. read more

Chinese furniture ten brands list the whole

quality of life cannot do without all kinds of fashion furniture products, driven by the continuous progress of the industry market, business furniture stores are facing opportunities, but many of the furniture brand, how to choose a good furniture is the key, small hope that through the introduction, to help consumers and operators to choose a reliable furniture brand.

furniture in modern Chinese, is refers to the furniture, is a normal human life, some things for production practice or carry out social activities. In a narrow sense, it refers to a device for sitting, lying or supporting and storing articles in life, work or social practice. There are seats, bed, table, screen, table, chair, cabinet, wardrobe, table refers to the number of items. Although many people like to customize furniture, furniture enterprises in the furniture industry has been dominated by the vast majority of the market. Still a lot of people prefer the traditional concept of the purchase of furniture, furniture mall in the direct selection of finished furniture. Seeing is believing is the traditional idea of the Chinese people, so in the choice of our furniture, a lot of people still like to choose the furniture mall. So, do you know what are the ten major brands of Chinese furniture? Today we take a look at China’s top ten furniture brands list, for a rainy day. read more

Cod liver oil ten brands list

in a variety of children’s health care products, cod liver oil is a very important component, and because of this, it will make the cod liver oil market has such a huge market demand. So, cod liver oil which brand is good? Next, let the small series to reveal the top ten list of cod liver oil, so that you can have more understanding of the industry’s brand.

Cod Liver Oil ten brand list, NO.1 health:

health has a comprehensive and scientific system of dietary supplement, including vitamins, minerals, natural herbal extracts and other functional nutritional supplements; in accordance with the auxiliary function, including enhancing immunity, improve energy, improve sleep, sports nutrition, beauty and nutrition of different functions. With a health demanding material source verification system, give full consideration to the cultivation of raw materials or raising environmental factors, select the most suitable raw materials in the global scope. So far, dozens of major raw materials and accessories imported from New Zealand, Norway, Germany, the United States, France, Japan, Thailand and other dozens of countries and regions. read more

Do business to be good at using the network

in today’s market, if it is to do business, contacts is a very important point. So, if you want to make your business to do a good job, naturally need to grasp the network. However, the side of their loved ones, friends develop their own customers, this type of event is controversial. Some people think that in order to sell their own goods and contact relatives, friends, relatives and friends will not only cause the misunderstanding and resentment, and his burden is the burden of family and friends; and some people think that regular contact, mutual help, this is the only true friend, if within the scope of their loved ones friends, the ability of things to help others, it is not a happy and happy thing? read more

The leisure clothing store money skills need to pay attention to all the

has a lot of clothing style, the status of leisure clothing in the people’s heart is very high, demand in the industry is relatively large, the market demand, profit space is very broad, open a leisure clothing store is a good choice to make money. But for inexperienced entrepreneurs, to open a leisure clothing store, need to get everything ready in front of the shop, but also understand the operating methods and skills of the industry, so as to make it easy for you to start, easy to get rich. read more

Big tongue rich spicy flavour good selection

each franchisee to worry wealth, without profit. Is there a shortcut? In fact, choose a reliable brand, you will find it easier to get rich. Choose a big tongue spicy flavour, so that you can be assured of doing business investment. The small business investment, only a low threshold of wealth, you can be assured of doing business delicacy.

a flow type soup, that is, to ensure that each one can eat, nutrition and health. And the traditional hot pepper like the use of optional ingredients model, the difference is that we can only change the bowl of the drawbacks of the installation, the introduction of hot pot type eating, we eat together around, eating only happiness. Independent research and development of the sauce package, coupled with the Chinese brand specifically designed for spices, taste protection, quality assurance, health protection. read more

The new nine Korean barbecue grill the whole of folded plate

is now very popular delicacy, barbecue, good selection, business with a small capital. Nine folding barbecue? High quality delicious, join the selection advantage. If you to join the nine folding barbecue project, is also very interested, right up to my advice!

food and beverage industry is lagging behind will be eliminated in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the fierce competition among the Korean Master Mr. Jin Zhehao over the years to the Korean food market, food, spices and popular taste of system analysis, and on the basis of research of dishes, corresponding market situation out of pork as the main raw material to the nine plate series barbecue. read more

Bathroom supplies stores good chance of people

in the home market, bathroom brands countless, because there are a lot of bathroom brands, often, we do not know how to choose bathroom products. Today, we tell about the quality of bathroom products.

bathroom supplies to join?

the high quality bathroom products using the new intelligent technology of intelligent design, more comfortable and humanized design, make you feel like hurting healthy living, intelligent sanitary ware experienced through inspections in the production process, ensure the production of products with first-class quality, so that consumers with safe and comfortable. read more

Cool off ice cream bar how much money you need to join a

ice cream to join the project Xiaobian for you recommend COOL Ba ice cream, then the brand exactly how? What are the advantages? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

cool guest ice cream for Guangzhou star class Catering Management Services Limited’s brand, it is a collection of catering, investment, management, research and development, sales in one of the large-scale food and Beverage Management Co., ltd.. Cool off, is a good brand of ice cream, pilot Chinese style ice cream. Italy, France and other countries, dig ice cream classic family recipe, for people to bring a century of rare ice shock. For the purpose of creating the brand of Chinese ice cream brand, we sincerely invite you to join us. read more

How to fix drinks shop purchase agent

do wine business, need to pay attention to a purchase problem. Many types of drinks, and the price of the product is uneven. If you want to drink wine to join the agency, you need to do a good job positioning, and then do the purchase work. If you are not very familiar with the purchase, Xiao Bian provides a few suggestions, you can look at.

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How many eggs Aberdeen ice cream franchise fee

has a new choice of ice cream to join the project, in the food and beverage market, is the very choice of business opportunities. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the success of entrepreneurship is also very powerful choice. How about egg cream? Quality entrepreneurial projects to join, the best choice for small business!

Hongkong egg ice cream consumption is a daily consumption, so the more delicious taste of Hongkong egg ice cream, the more people come every day. Although Hongkong egg ice cream consumer group is relatively wide, but the egg ice cream to eat Hongkong most of the young people and workers, they have a strong curiosity in what to choose to eat, taste is extremely demanding, so the operators in the food, should according to their psychological consumption of products taste improvement. read more

Fu Chi fish Hot pot flavor home

to say that the food and beverage market in the hot pot brand so much? Why are we more optimistic about this Fuk Kei road fish hot pot? There must be some business secrets. What the hell is going on, let’s all take a look at it.

love Fu Chi fish Hot pot consumers say: home for several years, every time when I will get homesick Street Fu Chi road to eat fish Hot pot taste of the mother, there is a happy atmosphere, home, love a fish only a Hot pot, this reason enough the.

Fu Chi road as in a home, three characters flashing in the doorway, afraid you can not find the way home, home like Fu paste character, sweet and beautiful, like Qi mother of their wishes to Fu Chi, feel all the troubles and bad things are all far away from me. read more