Digital ambassadors to teach ins and outs of wifi to Joburg

first_img12 August 2015The Jozi Digital Ambassadors Programme is a co-operative project between the city of Johannesburg and University of Johannesburg (UJ) that will offer residents the opportunity to learn how to access and use the various public wireless facilities around the city.Launched on 7 August, the programme will roll out over the next 18 months, offering interested young people an opportunity to become digital educators to residents and the chance to gain the digital literacy knowledge that will make Johannesburg a truly connected city.Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau says the initiative forms part of the city’s roll out of 1 000 wifi hotspots. Digital ambassadors, consisting of ambitious young residents with a basic knowledge of IT and an innovative spirit, will be selected to teach over 700 000 city residents in the art of competently using and substantially benefiting from the broadband connections in their areas.Training of the selected digital ambassadors will be given by UJ staff and students from the engineering, IT, management and education departments. It will be hosted by UJ’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, using a cloud-based learner management system incorporating open source learning.“The digital ambassadors will enable the broader Johannesburg community to engage with digital technology; for example, in online job-seeking opportunities, banking applications and access to digital services,” says Professor Johan Meyer, the head of the university’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.Digital ambassadors will be mentored in business acumen and given insight into the digital world to enable their own innovation enterprises.Interested young people can apply to be digital ambassadors through the Jozi@Work portal on the city of Johannesburg website. Once selected and trained, the ambassadors will be tooled with electronic tablets, branded marketing material and deployed in designated areas where free, public wifi has been installed. They will teach residents how to access online services, including banking and digital map navigation, as well as how to interact with platforms such as Jozi@Work and other employment-search tools like the LinkedIn social network.Joburg hopes its Digital Ambassadors Programme will turn entrepreneurial young people into service providers who offer the crucial knowledge and digital literacy that is needed to fully utilise its high speed broadband. In addition to increasing Joburg’s digital footprint, it is believed the programme will further create a platform for innovation, economic growth and community development.Source: News24Wirelast_img read more

S-noilite Cosplay Curly Hair Tail Full wigs Short y Grey Wig Women/Men Wig – I’m very happy with it

first_imgOther than that it is really very good. . The inside won’t suit entirely above my hairline, but the hair addresses it generally, other than that it truly is excellent.Superb high-quality for the price tag. Arrived in fantastic time and as explained.I needed this wig for the perform blithe spirit, where by i performed ruth the second wife and essential to reappear as a ghost. It was the closest i could get to my personal bob. It fitted actually nicely and looked good. It was incredibly very good worth. If you like anime i consider it would truly work perfectly for dressing up as a character.Fantastic colour and style.Fits well and looks goodThis wig was awesome. I wanted to cosplay male Yuno and it Amazingly good for the price!I absolutely adore this wig! The fringe tends to but arrived super quickly. Wonderful wig experienced to minimize fringe a minimal to permit. Fantastic wig experienced to slash fringe a minimal to enable it sit improved wonderful good quality very sleek smooth and doesn’t get tangled.You get what you pay out for, low cost for a reason. The inside of tension straps snapped ones first use and it scarcely suits on my head in any case. Hair web it comes with is just that, a hair internet, nearer usability to that of a kitchen hair web than everything restricted sufficient to preserve your hair up an place the way.Features of S-noilite Cosplay Curly Hair Tail Full wigs Short Silvery Grey Wig Women/Men WigCondition: Brand new, New With Tags,Top Quality Cosplay Short Hair Full WigsCap Size: adjusted hook inside/Fits most (The best matches ),No pins or tape required.Length Approx:to the neck — weight approx: 130g — style:curl hair tail cosplay wigsTexture: Top Heat Resistant Synthetic Full Wigs, Handmade wig cap,Breathable&softCosplay Short Hair,Fashion Curly Hair Tail Style, for Cosplay/Costume Party/Dance,Unisex WigIt arrived earlier than expected which is great and the top quality of the hair was improved than predicted. I did have to minimize the bangs which was good and the only issue i would’ve appreciated was a comb at the entrance of the wig so it stayed on my head, i did have to use bobby pins. But aside from that, excellent merchandise.It seems to be great, matches surprisingly. It seems to be great, matches incredibly. It claims arriving for 19th-twenty third but i acquired it on the seventeenth.At first i was unsure when it arrive but once make. Initially i was unsure when it arrive but after make up was completed and wig had aired and shaped it labored amazing, prompt delivery and fantasitic value.Bought this from my granddaughter was quite astonished at the high quality for the rate, wonderful.Delivery was truly quickly but however it was as well gentle. Delivery was genuinely fast but unfortunately it was far too light-weight for my cosplay. Nonetheless, i have resolved to use it for my alois cosplay in the summer time in its place.Very good high quality wig for cosplay. Quite rapidly supply, would hugely advise.Arrived two days prior to estimated shipping and delivery and it is perfect.Dress in this to the efc video games and appeals to optimistic responses. 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He was seriously pleased with it.It arrived a couple times ahead of i anticipated it and arrived in a plastic wallet as effectively as with a wig net. It is a very little skinny but it truly is quite comfortable and is great for cosplay.last_img read more

Changes in worker program has benefits for finding farm labor

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Hiring migrant farm workers will become cheaper and easier as a result of several upcoming changes to the process, according to a labor economist with The Ohio State University.The new rules on getting visas for temporary foreign workers will allow agricultural employers to pay migrant workers an hourly wage based on what other domestic workers employed in the same position in the area are paid.“That should help keep costs down for farmers,” said Joyce Chen, an associate professor in Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).The current formula for calculating wages requires farms to average the hourly wages of both U.S. supervisors and their field workers to generate an hourly wage for temporary foreign workers in a county.So, if a domestic lettuce picker in Sandusky County is paid $10 an hour and a supervisor is paid $15 an hour, the temporary migrant worker not in a management position has to be paid at least $12.50 an hour, the average of those two hourly wages.“The new rules will allow farmers to hire temporary migrant field workers for less than they do now,” Chen said. “But they’ll still be required to pay a wage in line with what domestic workers doing the same job get.”Ohio’s agricultural industry depends heavily on an ever-shrinking number of migrant workers from Mexico and Central America, many of them undocumented. The rule changes that the U.S. Department of Labor is putting in place likely will increase the number of temporary migrant workers brought to the United States and might reduce the number of undocumented workers, Chen said.“The changes to the rules on wages for migrant workers will create more opportunities for both workers and employers to operate through official channels,” said Chen, who works in CFAES’ Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics (AEDE).Employers seeking to hire migrant laborers have to apply for an H-2A visa for each person they hire. That visa allows a migrant laborer to work on a U.S. farm for up to a year.But as part of the application process for those visas, employers are required to hire all qualified and willing U.S. workers for a certain period, which will be shortened when the new rules go into place. Under the changes, agricultural employers will be required to hire U.S. workers for the first 30 days of when the visas for their migrant workers begin.Currently, farms have to hire U.S. qualified workers that seek the work for at least half of the duration of the visa. So, if a farm owner pursues a six-month visa for a migrant worker to plant peppers in Huron County, he or she has to hire all qualified and willing U.S. workers for the first three months.The change to 30 days might not be advantageous for domestic farm laborers, Chen said.“Workers seeking jobs later in the season, after the first 30 days, are more likely to find that no positions are available,” she said.Scott Witten, an owner of Witten Farm in southeast Ohio’s Washington County, expects the changes will help his business. Since 2011, he has hired migrant laborers annually through the H2-A program to help the business, which sells produce at roadside stands in central and southeast Ohio.“The government sees that reform is needed. We’re excited about that,” Witten saidHe called the changes a “first step” in reforming the process.In the future, he would like to see more done to deter farms from hiring undocumented workers. Undocumented workers can cost less to hire because their wages can be lower and the employer does not have to pay for their housing, so companies that hire undocumented workers have lower labor costs, Witten said.“It puts those who chose to pay the higher rate at a disadvantage when it comes to selling their product,” he said.Administrative changes to the H-2A visa process will likely make it easier for farmers to apply for the visas, Chen said.Under the new rules, agricultural employers will have to file only one application to hire temporary workers, even if they bring on crews at different times in the season. The current system requires a farm owner to file a separate H-2A visa application each time he or she wants another set of workers, even within the same growing season.The new process also requires that all applications be filed electronically rather than through paper applications, which typically take longer to process.“Overall, this will be positive for farmers and will help streamline some of the bureaucracy for  hiring migrant workers, as well as give them more flexibility in hiring throughout the season,” Chen said.last_img read more

Apple And Samsung Both Lost. So Did Buyers

first_imgTags:#Analysis#Android#Apple#mobile Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Related Posts The fallout from Apple’s win over Samsung in a California patent court has been an extension of the rhetoric that took place within the court. Apple, smug after its billion-dollar settlement, claims the whole case was about values. Samsung still holds to the line that Apple’s design patents are frivolous and the real loser is the consumer. Neither side is wrong.As much as Apple and Samsung want everybody to believe that one is on the side of good while the other is completely evil, the reality is that that is just not true. It is possible to not be right while not precisely being wrong. Apple’s “Values”Apple’s CEO Tim Cook called the victory a triumph of values. “For us this lawsuit has always been about something much more important than patents or money. It’s about values. We value originality and innovation and pour our lives into making the best products on earth. And we do this to delight our customers, not for competitors to flagrantly copy,” Cook wrote in a memo leaked to 9to5 Mac. Cook is not wrong, but he is not correct. Apple is right to defend itself against copying. But, it is not like Apple was defending the invention of fire. It was defending design patents based on the size and shape of the iPad and iPhone as well as utility patents used in iOS.None of the patents that Apple fought tooth and nail over in the name of values are particularly innovative.The utility patents may have some functions specific to iOS, but the Android manufacturers have already figured a way around most of those because it was not the function that Apple patented so much as how the function is performed. Companies like HTC, Samsung and Motorola have been working on ways to circumvent those patents through design and functional updates to their devices, and Apple will have little grounds in court to sue the Android manufacturers over these same functions again.The patents themselves are just weapons against Samsung and other Android manufacturers.The settlement money is also of no concern to Apple. This is a company that is one of the most valuable in the history of the world, sitting on a $100 billion in liquid assets. But taking a billion dollars from Samsung was a reward in itself.Cook’s comments about values is public relations. Most journalists, analysts and tech enthusiasts have a better understanding of Apple’s motivations under the surface. Apple’s two biggest motivations were to set a precedent for all its upcoming patent cases and to slow the Android ecosystem’s growth. The more Apple can hobble Android, the more iPhones and iPads it can sell. With Apple’s extraordinarily high margins, there is a lot of money on the table.The effect on Samsung is marginal in the short term. This case was mostly about Samsung’s long product tail, with devices that had been on the market a year or more running software that has been completely overhauled to avoid these specific Apple patents. Samsung will likely appeal the judgment, mostly to avoid the precedent that the case sets. This is not the last time these two companies will meet in court over patents. Apple’s win makes it more likely that its similar patent cases against Samsung and other Android manufacturers will result in injunctions against Android devices. Samsung needs to negate that precedent.Samsung: “Loss for the American Consumer”After the announcement of the verdict, Samsung issued a statement:“Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices. It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies.”It is difficult to believe both companies. Samsung says that Apple’s win is bad for innovation. Apple said it is good for innovation. Again, neither company is right, but neither is wrong.When Apple speaks of innovation, it is not talking about the broad scope of technology innovation. Apple is talking about its own innovation. Innovation that has been called into question many times over the years. Apple is seen as a company that makes technologies better and sexier and prices its devices higher than the competition to pad its margins. Samsung is essentially saying that Apple’s designs and its legal claims are frivolous. It is implying that if Apple can improve on technologies and not be found guilty of copying, then so can we.Samsung certainly has a high opinion of itself. By calling the verdict “a loss for the American consumer” it is saying that its products are so good that the U.S. consumer will suffer for the loss. It is the same tactic that Samsung has used in most of its court cases against Apple across the world. “This bully is bad for us, bad for you, bad for everybody.” Samsung itself is a bit of a bully. It has the manufacturing might to flood the mobile market with so many devices at so many price points that it is squeezing not just Apple, but the other Android manufacturers. Motorola’s market presence is almost non-existent at this point and HTC is flailing. Samsung, not Apple, is the biggest culprit behind Nokia’s fall from grace. Samsung’s shotgun strategy works and cannot (or, cannot without great difficulty) be replicated by any other Android manufacturer. Samsung’s own rhetoric is as hypocritical as Apple’s. While Samsung claims it did not copy Apple in the slightest way (and it has a case for that, despite the jury’s verdict), there is no question that some of Samsung’s smartphones do look very similar to the iPhone. The Winner? NobodyIn the end, the outcome was predictable. Can anyone say that Samsung could win a case with a Californian jury in the shadow of Cupertino? Samsung never really stood a chance. The battle of rhetoric does neither company justice. Apple comes off with a morality play that is almost laughable. Samsung sounds like a whining, arrogant twit that insists it did nothing wrong. With this decision, all Android manufacturers lose, not just Samsung. In the end, that is how the American consumer loses too.That means Google loses, too, right? That’s not necessarily the whole story. Apple could be doing Google a favor with its courtroom war.  What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …center_img dan rowinski The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaceslast_img read more

FoundationDB’s NoSQL Breakthrough Challenges Relational Database Dominance

first_imgRelated Posts How Do You Determine Which Partners Will Fuel Y… Tags:#databases#NoSQL NoSQL databases are well-known for their speed and scalability – useful traits when dealing with the size and complexity of big data and hyper-fast transaction requirements. But one thing they have lacked has been strong data consistency: the ability to ensure that an update to data in one part of the database is immediately propagated to all other parts of the database.A startup database vendor launched this week is making claims that its database, FoundationDB, finally delivers on the promise of true data consistency for a NoSQL database, without a huge loss of speed or flexibility.Understanding why this is such a big deal in the Big Data (or any) sector requires a little background on how NoSQL, or non-relational, databases work.Solving The ACID TestWhen talking about relational databases, like PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle and the like, there’s one acronym that keeps coming up: ACID. ACID stands for Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable – core aspects that must apply to all data within a relational database. Data is broken down to atomic values (name, address_1, city…) while remaining consistent across the database, isolated from other transactions until the current transaction is finished, and durable in the sense that the data should never be lost.The infrastructure of a relational database is well-suited to meet the ACID criteria for data: Data is held in tables connected by relational algebra, and transactions are performed in a way that is consistent with ACID principles.But for non-relational databases, such as Bigtable, MongoDB or Dynamo, ACID has always been sacrificed for other qualities, like speed and scalability.This tends to freak out some companies, stopping them from moving to NoSQL because they can’t give up ACID. Especially the “C,” because not having data consistency is a particularly terrifying prospect for companies dealing with financial transactions.Yet non-relational databases are being used by firms like Amazon and Google every day, with great success. Amazon, in particular, needs to track millions of sales transaction on any given day – how does it get away with inconsistent data?The short answer is, it has to. The trade-off would be a relational database that could never keep up with the speed and scaling necessary to make a company like Amazon work as it does now. Recall that non-relational databases are structured to sacrifice some aspect of ACID to gain something in return. In the case of Amazon, its non-relational DynamoDB database is willing to apply an “eventually consistent” approach to the data in order to gain speed and uptime for the system when a database server somewhere goes down (though Dynamo can also have strong consistency, an Amazon spokesperson informed us after this story went to press).Bringing Back ConsistencyIt’s not that having ACID compliance on a NoSQL database is impossible, explained David Rosenthal, one of FoundationDB’s co-founders. It’s just that most people think that applying ACID to NoSQL systems would come at a huge cost.That’s certainly what Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, thought in a 2008 paper that described the company’s Dynamo database and it’s relationship to consistency. Data inconsistency in large-scale reliable distributed systems has to be tolerated for two reasons: improving read and write performance under highly concurrent conditions; and handling partition cases where a majority model would render part of the system unavailable even though the nodes are up and running.Translation: Requiring ACID on non-relational databases would make that database too slow and inflexible.For the longest time, everyone using NoSQL systems was resigned to this eventual, or “weak,” consistency model. After all, they had money to make and data to analyze. Who cares if consistency was not at the top of the priority list?It turns out, quite a few people, including the founders of FoundationDB, Rosenthal, Nick Lavezzo and Dave Scherer.Inside FoundationDBAfter a successful start up with Visual Sciences, a technology that’s now part of Adobe as the Adobe Insight product, the trio turned to developing another successful project, and hit on the lack of ACID-capable non-relational databases as a goal.“We weren’t satisfied with any of the data guarantees on non-relational systems,” Rosenthal explained, even as they understood that the needs of many potential clients would preclude relational systems like MySQL or Oracle because of performance limitations.Non-relational systems seemed to wear their weak consistency model like a badge of honor, but in the secret origin story of FoundationDB, the team saw weak consistency as a bug, not a feature. “Not having transactional integrity is not a good thing,” Rosenthal emphasized.They’re not the only ones. Google’s up-and-coming Spanner database, a second-generation distributed database that could ultimately replace the search engine company’s Bigtable systems, is being built on the premise that transactional integrity has to be a part of that database, too.Side Effects Include…Establishing consistency in transactions within a NoSQL database is worthy news in itself, but the implications extend beyond that core news.FoundationDB uses a key-value-like storage engine core that’s surrounded by layers of whatever data model that’s needed, which will in turn enable developers to much more easily code their apps to reach into the FoundationDB. These layers, according to the founders, can’t be used on other key-value systems, because without consistent transactions, it would not work.Also, since data is going to be consistent, applications won’t have to be built to “wait” for data to catch up within a given transaction – thus making apps less complex and easier to build.The best news of all concerns the so-called performance penalty that many in the NoSQL world said will be incurred if ACID was applied to non-relational database systems. According to FoundationDB, performance is hampered by only 10%, which seems a very small price to pay for consistent transactions.The FoundationDB database, which was launched into public beta on Monday, is available for download now.Image courtesy of FoundationDB. How to Manage Remote Sales Teamscenter_img Steps to Building a Successful and Scalable Sal… Crucial Online Reputation Management Insights i… brian proffittlast_img read more

Police team was led into a well-planned trap

first_imgA six-member police team, headed by a Station House Officer (SHO), was led into “a well-executed and well-planned” trap on the road connecting Anantnag with Achabal in south Kashmir on Friday, resulting in the deaths of all on board the solitary vehicle in an ambush by militants.The team had been busy all day dealing with the deteriorating law and order situation in Anantnag town, sparked by the Arwani encounter where three Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militants were trapped in nearby area. Sources said the trap was laid by LeT commander Bashir Lashkari, whose close aide and friend since 2015, Junaid Mattoo, 24, was trapped and living his last moments at the Arwani encounter site since Friday morning.“It was a revenge attack,” said Director General of Police S.P. Vaid.The police are investigating multiple dimensions of the attack, which lead to higher casualties for the police force, including costing the life of sub-inspector Feroz Dar.The militants, the police believe, knew SHO Dar and his team were travelling in a vehicle that was not bullet-proofed, and a well-guarded Rakshak vehicle. The police department had failed to provide a Rakshak to the Achabal Police Station.As the stone-pelting subsided, the team decided to travel back to the police station. “We are investigating to find out who passed on information [to the militants] about the movement of the vehicle at such a short notice,” said the officer.In fact, there was a mild stone-pelting on the vehicle near Thajiwar, which was otherwise peaceful. “The stone-pelting was intended to halt the vehicle. Indeed, the policemen got down to chase the stone-throwers. To their surprise, they faced a volley of bullets from all sides. It was premeditated and planned,” said the police officer. Sources said the nearby houses on the roadside were vacated by their inhabitants in advance, indicating a large group of militants must have converged and alarmed them. Militants, believed to number between six to 10, were part of the attack.Weapons lootedFive AK-47s, 18 magazines and one pellet shotgun were taken away from the dying policemen, said the police official. “We are going to track the killers,” said the DGP.Referring to the attack, LeT chief Mahmood Shah said, “The plots put up by [National Security Adviser] Ajit Doval are biting the dust. The time is near when the whole Kashmiri nation will celebrate its freedom.”last_img read more

Bad breaks doomed Bolts, says Newsome

first_imgPhoto by Tristan Tamayo/ INQUIRER.netHolding to a precarious 89-88 lead with 7.1 seconds left in regulation, Meralco only needed to make an inbounds play to book its ticket to the 2017 PBA Commissioner’s Cup semifinals.Chris Newsome surveyed the floor and tried to get the leather to one of his teammates against the suffocating defense of TNT import Joshua Smith. Pressed for time, the sophomore swingman had to make a decision and threw the ball to the foot of the burly reinforcement.ADVERTISEMENT World’s 50 Best Restaurants launches new drinking and dining guide Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games However, the ball didn’t bounce the way he envisioned as it simply rolled on the floor, prone for Jayson Castro to secure the steal and give the KaTropa one more chance. Jared Dillinger immediately fouled Castro on the break, which led to a split from the line to tie the game at 89 and force overtime.Though the game still went to extra five minutes, that sequence seemed to have taken the air out of the Bolts’ sail as they bowed to the KaTropa, 104-96, and out of the 2017 PBA Commissioner’s Cup.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“It was a turnover. They got the ball, we fouled, they made a free throw and tied the ballgame. And in overtime, we relaxed, that’s how it affected us,” admitted Newsome.While it was easy to pin the blame on the reigning Rookie of the Year for his end-game miscues, he believes it was the accumulation of those bad decisions which let the Bolts down. What ‘missteps’? LATEST STORIES “It’s just a bad decision, just one those bad breaks of the game. I tried to hit it on his foot and hope it goes out of bounds, but it rolled back in. Probably it’s just one of those breaks and you can’t control that,” he said. “I felt like everybody understands that it was breaks of the game. If anybody wants to blame me for it, then sure. Of course I know I’m responsible for what happened or at least for the things that I can control. Everything else I can’t control.”“Those are just a few possessions in the game that I can control. How many possessions happened in the game? All those mistakes add up. Perhaps you can blame it on the last possession, or you can look at the game as a whole and see a lot of the things that we did wrong,” he said.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Heart Evangelista admits she’s pregnant… with chicken View comments Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. MOST READ Keys to Victory: San Miguel-Star semis series Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ 1 dead in Cavite blast, fire Heart Evangelista admits she’s pregnant… with chicken Cayetano dares Lacson, Drilon to take lie-detector test: Wala akong kinita sa SEA Games WATCH: Firefighters rescue baby seal found in parking garagelast_img read more