Senior CPI(M) leader joins BJP in Tripura

first_imgIn a major blow to the CPI(M), its senior leader and former legislator from Khowai, Biswajit Datta, joined the ruling BJP in Tripura on Friday. Mr. Datta has been staying away from the party affairs after he was dropped from candidature on ‘health grounds’ in the February Assembly elections.The CPI(M) claimed that Mr. Datta was unable to put up a strong fight in Khowai, and thus was removed on the last day of withdrawal of nomination. The party’s second choice, Nirmal Biswas, however, defeated BJP’s Amit Rakshit by a comfortable margin.Mr. Datta, who had to be admitted to hospital in the run-up to Assembly elections over health issues, termed his exclusion fallout of a ‘conspiracy’ hatched by a section of leaders. He claimed that he was fit enough to contest and retain his seat.Mr. Datta joined the BJP at a rally in Khowai in the presence of BJP national secretary Sunil Deodhar .About 100 CPI(M) supporters also switched sides. Mr. Deodhar hinted that several CPI(M) leaders were in touch with him to join the BJP.Earlier, two senior CPI(M) leaders, Jitendra Sarkar and Monaranjan Acharjee, had joined the BJP. A large number of local leaders and local body representatives made their entry into the saffron party.last_img read more

Squeezing the value out of data for AI

first_imgData is everything — in many respects, it’s the only thing — for autonomous vehicles (AVs) vendors who depend on deep learning as the key to self-driving.Data is the reason AV companies are racking up miles and miles of testing experience on public roads, recording and stockpiling petabytes of road lore. Waymo, for example, claimed in July more than 10 million miles in the real world and 10 billion miles in simulation.But here’s yet another question the industry does not like to ask:Assume that AV companies have already collected petabytes or even exabytes of data on real roads. How much of that dataset has been labeled? Perhaps more important, how accurate is the data that’s been annotated?In a recent interview with EE Times, Phil Koopman, co-founder and CTO of Edge Case Research, asserted that “nobody can afford to label all of it.”Data labeling: time-consuming and costly Annotation typically requires expert human eyes to watch a short video clip, then draw and label boxes around every car, pedestrian, road sign, traffic light, or any other item possibly relevant to an autonomous driving algorithm. The process is not just time-consuming but very costly.A recent story on Medium entitled “Data Annotation: The Billion Dollar Business Behind AI Breakthroughs” illustrates the rapid emergence of “managed data labeling services” designed to deliver domain-specific labeled data with an emphasis on quality control. The story noted:In addition to their in-house data labeling crews, tech companies and self-driving startups also rely heavily on these managed labeling services…some self-driving companies are paying data labeling companies upwards of millions of dollars per month. In another story from IEEE Spectrum a few years ago, Carol Reiley, cofounder and president at was quoted saying:Thousands of people labeling boxes around things. For every one hour driven, it’s approximately 800 human hours to label. These teams will all struggle. We’re already magnitudes faster, and we’re constantly optimizing. Some companies, such as Drive, are using deep learning to enhance automation for annotating data, as a way to accelerate the tedious process of data labelling.Let’s use unlabeled data Koopman, however, believes there is another way to “squeeze the value out of the accumulated data.” How about accomplishing this “without labeling most of the petabytes of recorded data?”He explained that Edge Case Research “stumbled into” this, when devising a way to allow the AV industry to speed development of safer perception software. Edge Case Research calls it “Hologram,” which is in essence a “AI perception stress testing and risk analysis system” designed for AVs.More specifically, as Koopman explained, “Hologram uses unlabeled data,” and the system runs the same unlabeled data twice.First, it runs baseline unlabeled data on an off-the-shelf, normal perception engine. Then, with the same unlabeled data, Hologram is applied, adding a very slight perturbation — noise. By putting stress on the system, Hologram, as it turns out, can expose potential weakness of the perception in AI algorithms.If a little grain is added to a video clip, for example, a human might perceive that “there is something there, but I don’t know what it is.”But an AI-driven perception system, put under stress, can either totally miss an unknown object, or kick it across the threshold and put it into a different classification bin.When AI is still learning, knowing its confidence level (as it determines what it is seeing) is useful. But when AI is applied in the world, confidence level doesn’t tell us much. AI is often “guessing” or simply “assuming.”In other words, AI is faking it.Hologram, by design, can “poke” the AI-driven perception software. It exposes where an AI system failed. For example, a stressed system solves its confusion by mysteriously making an object disappear from the scene.Perhaps, more interestingly, Hologram can also identify, under noise, where AI “almost failed” but guessed right. Hologram discloses areas in a video clip where the AI-driven system otherwise “could have gone unlucky,” said Koopman.Without labeling petabytes of data but running it twice, Hologram can provide a heads-up where things look “fishy,” and areas where “you’d better go back and look again” by either collecting more data or doing more training, said Koopman.This, of course, is a very simplified version of Hologram, because the tool itself, in reality, “comes with a lot of secret sauces backed by a ton of engineering,” Koopman said. But if Hologram can tell users “just the good parts” that merit human review, it can result in a very efficient way to get real value out of currently locked-up data.“Machines are amazingly good at gaming the system,” noted Koopman. Or “doing things like ‘p-hacking.’” P-hacking is a type of bias that occurs when researchers collect or select data or statistical analyses until non-significant results become significant. Machines, for example, can find correlations within data where none exist.Open source data set Asked if this is good news for Edge Case Research, Koopman said, “Unfortunately, these data sets are made available only for the research community. Not for the commercial use.”Further, even if you use such a data set to run Hologram, you should use the same perception engine used to collect data, to understand areas of weakness in one’s AI system.Hologram’s screen shot Below is a screen shot showing how the latest commercial version of Hologram works.Click here for larger imageThe Hologram Engine finds instances where a perception system has failed to identify this stop sign and provides analysts with powerful tools to discover triggering conditions such as the noisy background.(Source: Edge Case Research)The Hologram Engine finds instances where a perception system has failed to identify this stop sign and provides analysts with powerful tools to discover triggering conditions such as the noisy background. (Source: Edge Case Research) By adding noise, Hologram looks for triggering conditions that made an AI system almost miss a stop sign (orange bars), or completely failed to recognize a stop sign (downward red bars).Orange bars warn AI designers about specific areas that require AL algorithm retraining, by collecting more data. Red bars allow AI designers to explore and speculate triggering conditions: What caused AI to miss the stop sign? Was the sign too close to a pole? Was there a noisy background or not enough visible contrast? When enough examples of triggering conditions accumulate, it might be possible to identify specific triggers, explained Eben Myers, product manager of Edge Case Research.Click here for larger image Hologram helps AV designers find the edge cases where their perception software exhibits odd, potentially unsafe behavior.(Source: Edge Case Research)Hologram helps AV designers find the edge cases where their perception software exhibits odd, potentially unsafe behavior. (Source: Edge Case Research) Partnership with Ansys Earlier this week, Ansys announced a partnership agreement with Edge Case Research. Ansys plans to integrate Hologram into its simulation software. Ansys sees the integration as a critical underlying component to design “the industry’s first holistic simulation tool chain for developing AVs.” Ansys is collaborating with BMW, which has promised to deliver its first AV in 2021.ANSYS and BMW create simulation tool chain for Autonomous Driving (Source: Ansys) — Junko Yoshida, Global Co-Editor-In-Chief, AspenCore Media, Chief International Correspondent, EE Times >> This article was originally published on our sister site, EE Times: “Use Unlabeled Data to See If AI Is Just Faking It.” Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Advanced Technology, Automotive, Design Methods, IoT Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 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Afghan Prez seeks clarification after Trumps war comments

first_imgKabul: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said Tuesday the US should clarify remarks President Donald Trump made about Afghanistan, including a claim he could easily win the war but didn’t “want to kill 10 million people”. Trump had made several controversial statements a day earlier alongside Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan at the White House, including that he had plans that would ensure a speedy end to the Afghan conflict, but which would wipe the country “off the face of the Earth”. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USHis comments sparked outrage in Afghanistan, where the war-weary and traumatised population is already worried about a precipitous pull-out of US forces and whether that means a quick return to Taliban rule and civil war. Afghanistan “would be gone. It would be over in literally, in 10 days”, Trump said, adding, “I don’t want to go that route”, and that he didn’t want to kill millions. Trump’s statements came as his peace envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, travelled to Kabul ahead of a new round of peace talks with the Taliban. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential pollsThe insurgents — who now control or influence about half of Afghanistan’s territory — have been talking to Washington about a possible deal that would see foreign military forces quit in return for various security guarantees. “The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan calls for clarification on the US president’s statements expressed at a meeting with the Pakistan prime minister, via diplomatic means and channels,” Ghani’s office said in a statement. Trump also said Pakistan would help the US “extricate” itself from Afghanistan, adding there was “tremendous potential” in the relationship between Washington and Islamabad. Afghanistan has long blamed Pakistan for fuelling the Afghan conflict and for supporting the Taliban — which Islamabad denies — and Ghani is furious about being continually sidelined by the US in ongoing peace talks with the Taliban. Pakistan’s influence over the Taliban, who have waged an insurgency since they were ousted by US-led forces in 2001, is seen as key in facilitating a political settlement with Ghani’s government. “While the Afghan government supports the US efforts for ensuring peace in Afghanistan, the government underscores that foreign heads of state cannot determine Afghanistan’s fate in absence of the Afghan leadership,” Ghani’s office said. Everyday Afghans took to social media to vent after Trump’s comments. “I feel shocked, threatened and humiliated. We trusted Americans to help us in the war against terror, and now President Trump is threatening us with genocide,” Facebook user Mohd Farhad wrote. “I cannot believe he said it. I know it is him but I’m still in shock,” Nadene Ghouri, another Facebook user, wrote. Trump’s envoy Khalilzad meanwhile arrived in Kabul on Tuesday ahead of a trip to Qatari capital Doha for what will be the eighth round of direct talks he’s held with the Taliban.last_img read more

Ryan Seacrest And Martha Stewart To Be Honored At YMA Fashion Scholarship

first_imgThe YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education and career placement for the fashion arts and business, today announced its 2019 honorees, Macy’s President Hal Lawton, Ryan Seacrest, and Martha Stewart.The 82nd Annual Scholarship Awards dinner will be held on January 10, 2019 at the New York Hilton Midtown. At the event, more than $1 million in scholarships will be awarded to talented students from leading universities and colleges nationwide.“We are thrilled to honor these exceptional leaders in the entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and retail industries who inspire the next generation of rising talent,” said William Susman, President of YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund. “Their passion and entrepreneurial spirits truly represent our organization’s values, and we’re excited to have them support our mission of nurturing the fashion industry’s future leaders.”This year’s event will celebrate more than 200 students. The fashion and retail industry’s most accomplished veterans will gather to honor these young men and women who will be recognized for their exceptional achievements and future contributions to the fashion industry. The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund has expanded its member colleges to 65 outstanding schools, enabling it to attract the best students in the fields of design, merchandising, business, technology and liberal arts, including: the Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons-The New School of Design, New York University, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Kent State University, Harvard University, University of Arizona, Rhode Island School of Design, Clarke Atlanta University, University of California Los Angeles, and Savannah College of Art and Design, to name a few.Past honorees of the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund dinner have included Ralph Lauren, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jessica Simpson, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Siriano, Kenneth Cole, Iris Apfel, Dr. Joyce Brown, Tim Gunn, Chip Bergh, Jeff Gennette, Mindy Grossman, Kenneth Wyse, Katia Beauchamp and Stephen Sadove.The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund has awarded over $11 million in scholarships to 1,200 students over the past five years. Additionally, the Fashion Scholarship Fund has placed more than a thousand scholars into positions with prominent companies throughout the industry.All proceeds from the evening will benefit the Fashion Scholarship Fund, which is committed to fostering fashion talent of the future through scholarships, internships, mentorships and career programs. For more information and to purchase a table, please call the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund office at 212-278-0008 or visit 1937, the Fashion Scholarship Fund has been working with and for the fashion community by seeking the best and brightest students from around the globe to propel the industry forward. FSF has awarded over $11 million in scholarships over the last five years. Annually, the organization presents scholarships from $5,000 to $35,000 to more than two hundred recipients, leading the industry in support and commitment to education.The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund’s mission is to advance the fashion industry by encouraging gifted and enterprising young people to pursue careers in design, merchandising, retailing and business, ensuring the industry will continue to attract dedicated, capable and creative individuals. As the most prominent scholarship organization serving the needs of the fashion industry, the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund seeks to identify and create career opportunities for the next generation of industry leaders worldwide.FSF’s scholarship, intern, and mentoring programs bring young talent to the forefront and after graduation, the organization continues to work with its alumni to further careers of these young professionals who are considered to be the future of fashion.last_img read more

Football Scouting Rutgers Scarlet Knights

BreakdownRutgers is on the rise as a team, improving in multiple positions statistically from last season and earning its way to a .500 record thus far.But it will take more than just a little improvement to knock off an OSU team that is outscoring opponents by more than 44 points, and averages 3.7 takeaways a game.OSU has too strong of an offense and too stout of a defense for Rutgers to potentially upset the Buckeyes. With Big Ten play opening this Saturday, the Scarlet and Gray should have no problem emerging with an unblemished record. OffenseThe offense of Rutgers benefitted from the dynamic play ability of Grant, who currently leads the team in both rushing touchdowns and receiving yards. But the Scarlet Knights will need to look elsewhere for offensive production this week.Leaning heavily on a potent running attack led by junior running back Robert Martin, Rutgers has averaged 4.7 yards per carry. Overall, the team has totaled 881 rushing yards, a mere 38 yards behind OSU’s rushing attack.In terms of passing, senior quarterback Chris Laviano has struggled to provide consistency. Completing just 52.5 percent of his passes, the team has struggled to put the ball in the hands of its receivers, resulting in a passing offense that ranks 110th in completion percentage.Senior wide receiver Andre Patton has recorded three of Laviano’s five touchdown passes this season, He averages 13.5 yards per reception. Sophomore wide receiver Jawuan Harris is second on the team with 183 yards, trailing only Grant.The offensive line has struggled to keep pressure away from Laviano. On average, he has been sacked 2.3 times per game. With the play of OSU’s defensive lineman so far, it could be a long day for the senior. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights make their entrance before an NCAA football game against the Iowa Hawkeyes on Sept. 24 at High Point Solutions Stadium. Credit: Courtesy of TNSIt’s been more than a week since the Ohio State football team took the field against an opponent. With rain expected this Saturday, Buckeye fans will most likely need to don their ponchos and rainboots to watch OSU open Big Ten play against Rutgers.Led by former OSU defensive coordinator Chris Ash, the Scarlet Knights have earned their way to a 2-2 record so far, with wins over Howard University and New Mexico. Last week, Rutgers fell to Iowa 14-7 in a defensive battle that saw each team netting more than 350 total yards a piece, but failing to frequently find the endzone.While Rutgers is in good hands with Ash at the helm, the Buckeyes appear to have the upper hand in this matchup, both statistically speaking and in terms of skill.Two top performers for the Scarlet Knights — wide receiver Janarion Grant and defensive tackle Darius Hamilton — were lost to injury last week. OSU coach Urban Meyer gave his sentiment to the team and the injured players.“Any time a young guy gets hurt you just wish them the best, and they’re both really good players,” Meyer said. DefenseRutgers has struggled to slow opposing offenses this season. Surrendering 399 yards per game, the Scarlet Knights have not produced similar numbers with Ash at the helm as OSU did during his tenure in Columbus.Although the team has not shown a stout defense this year, Meyer said the schemes Rutgers runs are Ash’s through and through, and look nearly identical to the Buckeyes approach.“Yes, it’s our defense,” Meyer said.Redshirt sophomore Kiy Hester currently leads the team in total tackles, followed by sophomore linebacker Deontre Roberts. Last season, Rutgers ranked nearly last in pass yards allowed. After ranking 118th nationally in that category, the Scarlet Knights have underwent a complete overhaul of the position.Opposing offenses have been limited 206.7 yards per game against Rutgers. Even with the improvements of the secondary, the team’s defense has been gashed so far this year against the run.OSU has leaned heavily on its rushing attack this season, while the Scarlet Knights have struggled to keep opponents under 200 yards per game on the ground. read more

De Guzman Napoli director hit me in the face I went

first_imgJonathan De Guzman has revealed club director Cristiano Giuntoli punched him while at Napoli.The former Swansea midfielder was informed by Giuntoli he needed to leave the club, with the likes of Bournemouth and Sunderland interested in his services.However, as De Guzman arrived back at the Napoli’s training ground on after the close of the transfer window, he met a furious Giuntoli.“I was in the locker room and he called me over as a ‘piece of ****’ to go into the players’ lounge. He said I had promised to leave, but I did no such thing.” De Guzman said in an interview with De Volkskrant.“He suddenly hit me in the face. Then I went crazy. We started fighting, chairs were knocked over. My teammate Camilo Zuniga dived in and pulled us apart. He told me to take my things and go home.”“As I was going, I passed by De Nicola. I said: ‘What the hell did you do? I’m not fit because of you!’ The next day, the fitness coach told me I could only jog around the training ground.”Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“I tried to call President Aurelio De Laurentiis, but there was no reply. Edoardo De Laurentiis, the son of the President who I had a decent rapport with the year before, came in and told me: ‘You’re not going anywhere, so you stay here and you’re dead to us.’ I thought I was now completely lost.”“The players didn’t help me. If they tried, the club would criticise them. I wanted to train by myself, but where could I go? Everyone knows the players in Naples.”After six months of no football activity, De Guzman joined bottom of the table side Carpi and they finally allowed him to have proper treatment in Germany.“The pain was gone quickly, but my body was so weak that I just lurched from one injury to the next. I returned to Napoli in 2016. Sarri said I could prove myself. He is a good Coach, he’s proving that now at Chelsea.”“Everything was top at Napoli, from the supporters to the facilities, all except for a few men. Football is a business and business is tough, I understand that, but this treatment was inhumane.”last_img read more

CartwrightRobinson 11th Caribbean Woman Head of State

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp #MagneticMediaNews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, December 27, 2016 –Two days to a history making day in Turks and Caicos politics being solidified as the first female premier will lead Government business in the House of Assembly when Parliament opens this coming Thursday.  It would mark two weeks since victory at the polls for the People’s Democratic Movement, which secured 10 of 15 seats.  Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson is a pioneering woman in the Turks and Caicos Islands, who has long been racking up outstanding performances.    A former head girl, valedictorian, winner of the Governor’s Cup for top CXC results, a Constitutional crafter and scholar – having sat on three review bodies; an attorney by profession, a founding president of the TCI Cancer Foundation in Grand Turk, first woman in Kiwanis Grand Turk and once head of the Baptist Union Youth Department for the entire Caribbean region, Robinson is a wife and mother of two daughters and is also credited with being the first female leader of the Opposition in the TCI.  Regionally, she is making news too as the first female premier of the Turks and Caicos, who is also Bahamian born to Turks and Caicos Islands parents, having lived the first six years of her life in The Bahamas. At just 45 years old Robinson is the 11th Caribbean woman to achieve head of state; Dominica was first in 1980, Haiti and Bermuda have each seen it done three times, Jamaica has had it twice with the same woman and both Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago have had women run the country.  Women make up 40% of the elected members of this new TCI House of Assembly; three from the PNP and three from the PDM.  The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provo Recommended for youcenter_img Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting Related Items:#magneticmedianews ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDTlast_img read more

IDFC Bank in talks to buy RBS corporate banking business for Rs

first_imgIDFC Bank is reportedly in advanced talks to buy Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS’s) corporate banking portfolio in an estimated deal worth about Rs 3,000 crore.IDFC, which recently commenced operations as a universal bank, will be able to expand its branch network in India’s biggest cities if the deal goes through.”This will help kickstart IDFC Bank, especially personal and corporate banking, a little earlier,” a source told The Economic Times. “It will give IDFC Bank presence in mid-corporate, consortium lending and retail banking… The valuation could be anywhere between Rs 2,000 crore and Rs 3,000 crore.”The latest move to sell its corporate banking business is part of RBS’ decision to pull out of the Indian market as it looks to focus on consolidation in the home market. Currently, the bank has assets worth Rs 10,500 crore in 10 branches and savings deposits of Rs 2,000 crore, which will value its business at Rs 3,000 crore.The acquisition will enable IDFC to gain access to those 10 branches located in the metros, which will accrue additional interest income to the bank. Besides, it can increase fee-based income by selling a range of financial products from the branches.The deal will also help IDFC to grow its customer base “quickly” as setting up branches in the cities on its own would involve huge costs and also require opening branches in towns and villages under Reserve Bank of India guidelines.”The acquisition will give IDFC a heads-up in acquiring customers and also help them scale up,” said Alpesh Shah, partner at consultant Boston Consultancy Group, according to the daily. “IDFC will begin with servicing this customer base and cross-selling its other products.”However, IDFC would face challenges in funding and integration areas after the deal, according to some consultants.”The cost is a significant issue of acquisition for IDFC Bank,” said a partner at a large consultancy firm. “The bigger issue is of integration for IDFC.”As part of its global restructuring plan, Britain’s state-owned bank RBS had sold its diamonds and jewellery financing division to IndusInd Bank in April last year. It had also sold its retail loan portfolio to RBL Bank last year.last_img read more

Then and Now 10 Most popular Ekta Kapoor television actors

first_imgHiten Tejwani: First seen in Ghar Ek Mandir, Hiten became a household name with his portrayal of Pratham in Kutumb. Hussain Kuwajerwala: Hussain stole a million hearts with his portrayal of Sumit Wadhwa in Kumkum. Amar Upadhyay: Amar Upadhyay gained maximum love and popularity for his portrayal of Mihir Virani in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Kiran Karmakar: Kiran played the role of Om Agrawal in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and helped in making the show an iconic one on the Indian screen. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular male actors of Ekta Kapoor’s shows, then and now. Ram Kapoor: Before Ram Kapoor won our hearts with Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, he was seen as the powerful Mr Walia in Kasam Se and as Rahul in Ghar Ek Mandir. Cezanne Khan: Every year, rumours of Cezanne Khan joining Bigg Boss makes news but, every year, we are left disappointed. Not only was Cezanne Khan immensely loved by the ladies but his hairstyle too emerged as a rage back then among the boys. While his fans in the country were left yearning for more, the actor went back to his hometown in Pakistan where he did a number of popular TV shows. Aman Verma: With his phenomenal acting skills and powerful voice, Aman Verma was one of the most popular TV personalities back then. Though we don’t get to see him that often now, but, his popularity hasn’t lessened a bit. Varun Badola: Varun Badola emerged as the actor to look out for with his portrayal of a mentally-challenged man, Neeraj, in Koshish Ek Aashaa. Desh Mein Nikla Hoga Chand and Astitiva Ek Prem Kahani, were the other shows which made people sit upright and notice his immaculate acting skills. Rajeev Khandelwal: Rajeev Khandelwal emerged as an overnight sensation with his show – Kahi To Hoga. His to-die-for looks and magnetic personality became the talk-of-the-town. Ronit Roy: Ronit Roy’s portrayal of the ruthless Mr Bajaj made women go weak in their knees. Though Ronit Roy continues to dominate the small-screen with various web-series, his role as Mr Bajaj will probably remain his most popular roles ever.last_img read more

17 bodies recovered as Rohingya boat capsizes in Naf

first_imgRohingyas swim across Naf river to reach Teknaf in Bangladesh. Photo: Prothom AloSeventeen more bodies were recovered on Thursday morning from Naf River in Shah Porir Dwip area in Teknaf upazila of Cox’s Bazar where a boat capsized in the river on Wednesday night.The identity of the victims — 10 children and seven women — could not be known immediately.With the recovery of 17 bodies, the death toll from Rohingya boat capsize rises to 21.Local sources said hundreds of Rohingyas from Myanmar have already reached Shah Parir Dwip riding on boats last night.When the fleet reached Majhir ghat point near Shah Parir Dwip, one of the boats capsized around 11:30pm and sank when all its passengers went missing.Later, locals and newly intruded Rohingyas spotted 17 bodies floating at several points of the Naf River in the morning and informed police, said M Mainuddin Khan, officer-in-charge of Teknaf police station.A team of police rushed in and recovered the bodies that include 10 children and seven females, said the OC.On Wednesday, four bodies of Rohingyas were recovered from Naf river after a boat, carrying around 25 Rohingyas, capsized.last_img read more