Weekly Wrapup: Facebook Privacy, RFID in iPhone, Nexus Review, And More…

first_imgIn this edition of the Weekly Wrapup – our newsletter summarizing the top stories of the week – we analyze and challenge Facebook’s sweeping new privacy policies, explore what would happen if RFID chips are integrated into the next generation iPhone, present our hands-on review of Google’s new smartphone the Nexus One, and more. And as usual we check in on our two main channels: ReadWriteStart (our daily resource for entrepreneurs) and ReadWriteEnterprise (devoted to ‘enterprise 2.0’ trends and products). Also read on for details about the newly released printed edition of our current premium report, about the Real-Time Web.Now Available: Printed Edition of The Real-Time Web ReportAt the request of the librarian community and people that just like paper, we have made The Real-Time Web and its Future report available in print.For those of you that prefer it digitally, you can still download it.Don’t forget about our Community Management Report. It too is coming in print soon, so watch out for it!Web TrendsFacebook’s Zuckerberg Says The Age of Privacy is Over Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told a live audience this week that if he were to create Facebook again today, user information would by default be public, not private as it was for years until the company changed dramatically in December.In a six-minute interview, Zuckerberg spent 60 seconds talking about Facebook’s privacy policies. His statements were of major importance for the world’s largest social network – and his arguments in favor of an about-face on privacy deserve close scrutiny.Why Facebook is Wrong: Privacy Is Still ImportantHas society become less private or is it Facebook that’s pushing people in that direction? Is privacy online just an illusion anyway? Below are some thoughts, based primarily on the pro-privacy reactions to Zuckerberg’s statements from many of our readers this weekend. Though there is a lot to be said for analysis of public data (more on that later), I believe that Facebook is making a big mistake by moving away from its origins based on privacy for user data. iPhone as RFID Tag & Reader: Coming Soon We began a series called Mobile Web Meets Internet of Things this week, starting with a look at barcode scanning. We wrote that smartphones are increasingly being deployed as readers for barcodes – in particular via apps available on iPhone and Android. However, RFID tags are more functional and flexible than barcodes. While barcodes are cheaper and getting traction in the U.S. with the QR format, the potential for RFID tags is even greater. Apple knows this and if rumors are to believed, RFID will be integrated into the iPhone 4G later this year.The Evolving Online Finance Ecosystem Last week we analyzed how the Web is transforming personal finance. This week we took a broader look at the world of online finance, from personal to small business tools. To get an understanding of the online finance space, we spoke to the founder and CEO of one of the most promising startups in online finance, Rod Drury from Xero. Rod told us that he sees four types of markets in online finance: 1) Personal Finance (e.g. Mint, Wesabe, Yodlee); 2)Small Business Accounting (e.g. Xero, Kashflow); 3)Cloud ERP (e.g. Netsuite, Salesforce); and 4)ERP (e.g. Microsoft, Oracle). VMWare, Microsoft and the Battle for the Business MarketVMware’s acquisition of Zimbra from Yahoo this week points to a new form of partnership in the tech word. It’s one that could define the big winners in the battle for a major piece of the enterprise market. By packaging Zimbra’s popular, open-source collaboration software, VMware can provide a service that combines virtualization technology with email and calendar applications. It is similar to Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard’s alliance announced today that will package Microsoft technology on HP servers.Web ProductsGoogle Offers Satellite Images of Haiti, Post-Earthquake In the immediate aftermath of a 7.0 earthquake that caused an unbelievable amount of destruction to Haiti’s capital, Google has been asked by relief organizations and users to show images of what’s actually happening on the ground. In partnership with geospatial imagery company GeoEye, Google released a new layer for Google Earth showing post-earthquake devastation. Tags:#web#Weekly Wrap-ups Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… SEE MORE STARTUPS COVERAGE IN OUR READWRITESTART CHANNELReadWriteEnterprise Our channel ReadWriteEnterprise, devoted to ‘enterprise 2.0’ and using social software inside organizations. richard macmanuscenter_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Nexus One and Android 2.1: Apple Better Watch Out Less than a week ago, Google introduced its own Android phone, the Nexus One. Over the weekend, we got a chance to take the phone through its paces and while we aren’t quite ready to give up our iPhone yet, the Nexus One is a formidable challenger. In terms of features, the Nexus One is already on par with the iPhone platform and beats it in many areas. When it comes to the overall user experience, the iPhone is still a step ahead of the Android platform – but that could easily change in the near future. Going Mainstream: eMusic Signs Deal with Warner MusicEMusic, the popular subscription-based music service, this week announced that it has signed a deal with Warner Music – the world’s third-largest music company. This is eMusic’s second deal with a major record label. In its early days, eMusic mostly focused on featuring music from independent labels. Since the middle of 2009, however, eMusic has worked on expanding its reach by bringing more mainstream music to its catalog. Facebook Blocked at Work? Use Your Email Instead In our continuing obsession with all things Facebook, we looked at a new feature that was announced by the social networking behemoth that will further enmesh the site into our every waking breath: replying to comments through email. Before now, email notifications from Facebook contained a link that you had to follow, which logged you into Facebook where you could reply. You’ll now notice that the email contains a line reading “New Feature: Reply to this email to comment on this link.”SEE MORE WEB PRODUCTS COVERAGE IN OUR PRODUCTS CATEGORYThat’s a wrap for another week! Enjoy your weekend everyone. Editor’s note: This story is part of ReadWriteWeb’s Online Finance series, a weekly, three-month long look at how the Internet has transformed finance.iPhone App Piracy Reaches $450 Million? Doubtful According to an independent analysis performed by investment-watching blog 24/7 Wall St., Apple’s iTunes App Store has lost $450 million due to iPhone app piracy since it opened for business back in July of 2008. Although that number sounds high, they note it is small in comparison to the overall size of the App Store marketplace. However, our sources say that the real number is closer to $15-$20 million instead. SEE MORE WEB TRENDS COVERAGE IN OUR TRENDS CATEGORYReadWriteStart Our channel ReadWriteStart, sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark, is dedicated to profiling startups and entrepreneurs.Social Media Secrets and Resources RevealedPresentation company Slideshare recently released its list of “5 Social Media Secrets for 2010”. While these secrets certainly sound like great suggestions, we thought we’d connect them to some concrete tactics and resources that you can use to improve your social media strategy. Never Mind the Valley: Here’s Boston With tourists flocking to the Boston to walk the cobblestone streets of the Freedom Trail and visit various historical landmarks, Boston is often thought of for its ties to the American Revolution. But Boston is also the birthplace of a revolution of a different sort. In 1946, Georges Doriot, a professor at the Harvard Business School, founded the American Research and Development Corporation (ARDC) in Boston – one of the very first venture capital firms. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Afghan Prez seeks clarification after Trumps war comments

first_imgKabul: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said Tuesday the US should clarify remarks President Donald Trump made about Afghanistan, including a claim he could easily win the war but didn’t “want to kill 10 million people”. Trump had made several controversial statements a day earlier alongside Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan at the White House, including that he had plans that would ensure a speedy end to the Afghan conflict, but which would wipe the country “off the face of the Earth”. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USHis comments sparked outrage in Afghanistan, where the war-weary and traumatised population is already worried about a precipitous pull-out of US forces and whether that means a quick return to Taliban rule and civil war. Afghanistan “would be gone. It would be over in literally, in 10 days”, Trump said, adding, “I don’t want to go that route”, and that he didn’t want to kill millions. Trump’s statements came as his peace envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, travelled to Kabul ahead of a new round of peace talks with the Taliban. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential pollsThe insurgents — who now control or influence about half of Afghanistan’s territory — have been talking to Washington about a possible deal that would see foreign military forces quit in return for various security guarantees. “The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan calls for clarification on the US president’s statements expressed at a meeting with the Pakistan prime minister, via diplomatic means and channels,” Ghani’s office said in a statement. Trump also said Pakistan would help the US “extricate” itself from Afghanistan, adding there was “tremendous potential” in the relationship between Washington and Islamabad. Afghanistan has long blamed Pakistan for fuelling the Afghan conflict and for supporting the Taliban — which Islamabad denies — and Ghani is furious about being continually sidelined by the US in ongoing peace talks with the Taliban. Pakistan’s influence over the Taliban, who have waged an insurgency since they were ousted by US-led forces in 2001, is seen as key in facilitating a political settlement with Ghani’s government. “While the Afghan government supports the US efforts for ensuring peace in Afghanistan, the government underscores that foreign heads of state cannot determine Afghanistan’s fate in absence of the Afghan leadership,” Ghani’s office said. Everyday Afghans took to social media to vent after Trump’s comments. “I feel shocked, threatened and humiliated. We trusted Americans to help us in the war against terror, and now President Trump is threatening us with genocide,” Facebook user Mohd Farhad wrote. “I cannot believe he said it. I know it is him but I’m still in shock,” Nadene Ghouri, another Facebook user, wrote. Trump’s envoy Khalilzad meanwhile arrived in Kabul on Tuesday ahead of a trip to Qatari capital Doha for what will be the eighth round of direct talks he’s held with the Taliban.last_img read more

Actor Dominic Pace Talks Charity

first_imgLookToTheStars.org recently sat down with actor Dominic Pace about the causes close to his heart.Dominic PaceTell us about your favorite charities?The Dominic Pace/William Tagliaferri Scholarship. My Alma Mater, Ossining High School, in Ossining, NY, had tremendous impact on my desire to want to become an actor. I was very fortunate to have so many faculty members, family, and friends support me in my endeavors. Three years ago, I wanted to give back and give another student the same encouragement I received. It was my way of showing my gratitude to such an incredibly supportive community.Shane’s Inspiration was introduced to me by Madelyn Alfano, Owner of Maria’s Italian Kitchen here in Los Angeles. They build playgrounds for children with disabilities. One of their main events is a run at Griffith Park each Fall, which I’ve been proud to be a part of. They also accept toy donations throughout the year, and my two sons and I have gathered collections for their cause.How or why did you select to support the charities you currently work with?Ultimately, it’s all about giving back to our communities. Specific charities touch us as we’re able to relate in one way or another, and I think we’re drawn to the ones that connect us most with the human spirit.What is the most annoying thing about people that don’t help charities and why?A few years ago an old ‘friend’ couldn’t understand why I didn’t take my cash, and invest in my own children. My family and I are not rich by any means, but this person almost found it selfish to my children that I would do such a thing. I like to believe that I teach my two sons something much greater than putting $500 in their bank each year, versus helping out someone who is less fortunate than they are. As we all know, there is a lot of greed in society. Many deem their success by the car they drive, or how big their house is compared to yours. I like to believe the majority, however, understand the true definition of what it means to be rich.And how important do you think it is for celebrities to get involved in charity?Extremely important. I have such an admiration for so many fellow actors. I think Angelina Jolie comes to mind. If there is any value to fame, it is to have the ability to make a difference for the greater good of our respective societies. It’s something I plan to do my entire career.What plans do you have to make an impact on society this year?I plan to continue to donate to the grant I started for my alumni. I will also continue to play an active role in my involvement with Shane’s Inspiration, especially during the Fall and Holidays when their events increase.Find out more about Dominic Pace here.Copyright ©2014Look to the Starslast_img read more

Heres how Hong Kong is bringing people together for voicing mass dissent

first_imgMass mourningApart from being the central public space for the movement, the district of Admiralty in Hong Kong was also the place of mourning as thousands gathered to lay down flowers and offer prayers for a protestor who plunged to his death after climbing a construction scaffolding at the Pacific mall on Saturday.Outside Pacific Place where marchers put down flowers and messages for the young protester who sadly passed away last night. RIP ?? #不撤不散 pic.twitter.com/qJaNBqdp6U— Missy Lao (@missy_lao) June 16, 2019一個人的喪禮,梁先生安息?? pic.twitter.com/nLovMtK6Us— 三爪 (@sanzhao4) June 16, 2019The 35-year-old man named ‘Leung’ was wearing a yellow raincoat bearing the words “Carrie Lam kills Hong Kong,” reported Apple Daily.While the public is hailing the man as a martyr, the police are treating the case as suicide, reported Hong Kong Free Press.Last words from the martyr At Pacific Place Hong Kong:全面撤回送中 Withdraw ELAB in entirety 我們不是暴動 We are not rioters釋放學生傷者 Release students and wounded protestors林鄭下台 Carrie Lam step downHelp Hong Kong pic.twitter.com/DSfGMX2OhO— 李軒朗 Timothy (@timothylee_hk) June 15, 2019From democratic party officials to legislators, people started using the deceased protestor as a symbol of the protest.Democratic Party lawmaker Roy Kwong, distraught by his failure to save protester who died, tells protesters: “I don’t want to lose any more comrades.” He urges protesters who remain to resort to no “blood, injuries, arrests” while he & other lawmakers will go after Carrie Lam pic.twitter.com/uAAP4qnYoX— Chris Lau (@hkchrislau) June 16, 2019Political illustrations by acclaimed Chinese satirist Badiucao and Gianluca Costantini gave tribute to the ‘raincoat boy’.【R.I.P. Raincoat Boy】A young life passed away for HongKong tonight. I don‘t know your name my bro. But you will be known and you will be remembered, always!This drawing is for you. There is #NoChinaExtradition in heaven.一个年轻的生命为香港陨落,我会记住,祝你安息。#反送中 pic.twitter.com/suz7dzwGKO— 巴丢草 Badiucao (@badiucao) June 15, 2019Anti-extradition law protester Paul holds a digital placard reading: “Carrie Lam killed Hong Kong. The police are cold-blooded.” RT @HongKongFP https://t.co/PDJXMmfS9J#NoToChinaExtradition #HongKongprotest #hongkongisnotchina #HongKong #NoChinaExtradition #反送中 #反送中大遊行 pic.twitter.com/VTLvHz9r4f— Gianluca Costantini (@channeldraw) June 16, 2019Young HopeThe protest is also increasingly celebrated for having a large number of young participants.Many stories coming out from Hong Kong’s peaceful demonstration. I’d like to share one. I met a family of nine, spanning three generations. The grandfather marched last Sunday. Today the whole family decided to come out together after witnessing events that unfolded this week pic.twitter.com/JaMORZfcHR— Alexandra Stevenson (@jotted) June 16, 2019Aged activists and participants of the march have expressed that they felt hopeful of the state of Hong Kong’s freedom after witnessing the large young turnouts in the protests.”I’m very encouraged by the younger people. If it was just us [the older generation] the city would be finished,” said 75-year-old Mr Wu, reported The Guardian. “I was a refugee. I escaped China when there was a famine, and I saw people being shot there. The Communist party isn’t to be trusted.” Around 2 million people participated in the mass movement against the proposed extradition bill on Sunday, June 16.Denise Ho/TwitterDressed in black, millions of people came together from all sections of the society to demand the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, to step down and permanently scrap the contentious extradition bill.The ongoing public uprising against the pro-Beijing Hong Kong government over the severely criticised extradition bill has brought focus on how non-violent mass movement has rekindled the spirit of democratic dissent.On Sunday, as close to 2 million people gathered to voice their dissent, the number broke the protest’s previous record of 1.2 million protesters. The recent protest made it the biggest mass demonstration that the country has witnessed in its history. Hong Kong. RIGHT NOW.Never seen anything quite like it. pic.twitter.com/wHTMTerP7A— Hamish Macdonald (@hamishNews) June 16, 2019From singing songs to switching on the flashlights of their phones, the mass mobilisation was seen thriving in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong.桥上桥下的暴徒用手机电筒相互辉映 高喊香港人加油 场面一度十分感银?#反送中 #antiextraditionlaw #nochinaextradition #AntiELAB #hongkongprotest #ilovehk pic.twitter.com/esX32xlCPR— 回眸腐笑百媚生 (@arellawzw) June 16, 2019As night falls, out come the lights #HongKong pic.twitter.com/1ge5Dsa5CR— Bill Birtles (@billbirtles) June 16, 2019“Do You Hear The People Sing?,” from musical Les Misérables and the anthem of Hong Kong protests in 2014, resurfaced in Sunday’s demonstrations over the controversial China extradition bill: https://t.co/SloLJ355Yv pic.twitter.com/fHXTaJhcwR— CNN (@CNN) June 16, 2019One of the most powerful moments of peaceful solidarity and cohesion in the mass demonstration was when the sea of people parted and gave way to an ambulance passing through the blocked roadway. Even eight buses were given way to pass through the crowded streets.網上見到的視頻,巨量的人群如摩西過紅海一般,讓路給救護車。香港人不是暴徒。 pic.twitter.com/hZZzYGjgun— 三爪 (@sanzhao4) June 16, 2019HK protesters are the best: Here they are making way for at least eight buses that got stuck after protesters occupied the road pic.twitter.com/LC2CLe4kz9— Vicky Wong 黃瑋殷 (@vickywong710) June 16, 2019last_img read more

Then and Now 10 Most popular Ekta Kapoor television actors

first_imgHiten Tejwani: First seen in Ghar Ek Mandir, Hiten became a household name with his portrayal of Pratham in Kutumb. Hussain Kuwajerwala: Hussain stole a million hearts with his portrayal of Sumit Wadhwa in Kumkum. Amar Upadhyay: Amar Upadhyay gained maximum love and popularity for his portrayal of Mihir Virani in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Kiran Karmakar: Kiran played the role of Om Agrawal in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and helped in making the show an iconic one on the Indian screen. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular male actors of Ekta Kapoor’s shows, then and now. Ram Kapoor: Before Ram Kapoor won our hearts with Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, he was seen as the powerful Mr Walia in Kasam Se and as Rahul in Ghar Ek Mandir. Cezanne Khan: Every year, rumours of Cezanne Khan joining Bigg Boss makes news but, every year, we are left disappointed. Not only was Cezanne Khan immensely loved by the ladies but his hairstyle too emerged as a rage back then among the boys. While his fans in the country were left yearning for more, the actor went back to his hometown in Pakistan where he did a number of popular TV shows. Aman Verma: With his phenomenal acting skills and powerful voice, Aman Verma was one of the most popular TV personalities back then. Though we don’t get to see him that often now, but, his popularity hasn’t lessened a bit. Varun Badola: Varun Badola emerged as the actor to look out for with his portrayal of a mentally-challenged man, Neeraj, in Koshish Ek Aashaa. Desh Mein Nikla Hoga Chand and Astitiva Ek Prem Kahani, were the other shows which made people sit upright and notice his immaculate acting skills. Rajeev Khandelwal: Rajeev Khandelwal emerged as an overnight sensation with his show – Kahi To Hoga. His to-die-for looks and magnetic personality became the talk-of-the-town. Ronit Roy: Ronit Roy’s portrayal of the ruthless Mr Bajaj made women go weak in their knees. Though Ronit Roy continues to dominate the small-screen with various web-series, his role as Mr Bajaj will probably remain his most popular roles ever.last_img read more

Added colours of smile on Holi

first_imgThe show aimed to bring the Urdu and Hindi poetry and literature back into mainstream awareness with showcasing the awesome talent that exists in this sphere. This was a part of the ongoing series of concerts/programs which are being organized to bring high quality artists to public and easily accessible stage for the discerning audience with an evening of fun and laughter.The objective of the show was with the purpose of attracting the present generation to the rich heritage of these Indian Languages.With this overriding thoughts in mind stalwarts like popular Meeruthi, Razi Amrohi, Nashtar Amrohi, Iqbal Firdausi, Famous Khataulvi, Ahmed Alvi, Mamta Kiran, Asim Peerzada, Moien Shadab, Raees Siddiqui were invited and they regaled the gathering with a volley of rib tickling couplets.last_img read more

Minor girl molested beaten up by child trafficker

first_imgKolkata: A minor girl has been molested by a local youth, who might have been a part of child trafficking racket,police said.The incident took place in Taldi village under Canning police station in South 24-Parganas. It was learnt that the accused brought the victim girl to Canning from Nadia’s Chapla. The victim is resident of Paruigachi village under Chapla police station.The victim used to live with her step mother who often tortured the girl. The minor girl was driven out of the house by her step mother a few days ago. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe girl was roaming aimlessly near her house when the accused promised her job and took her to a house in Canning.She was kept confined to the house for a couple of days. It was alleged that the accused, whose identity is yet to be confirmed by the police, had an intention to sell of the minor girl in some other state. After being kept in confinement for a few days, the girl told the youth to take her to her house.But the accused allegedly beat her up. The victim who later managed to flee told the police that the youth had assaulted her physically. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedOn Saturday night, the victim somehow managed to escape from the house.She met some locals at Jalkalyan More, a few meters away from the house, where she was kept in confinement. She narraated what she had been subjected to. The locals took the girl to the Canning police. The victim told the police that she was kept in the house for the past five days.The victim was taken to Canning Sub-divisional hospital for medical tests. Police are conducting raids to nab the culprit who has been at large since the incident came to light.According to the preliminary investigation police suspect that the youth might be a part of a trafficking racket and had an intention to sell the girl.last_img read more

Front row centre for Leafs and Raptors playoff excitement at Le Germain

first_img Posted by Share TORONTO — Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square, with its prime location right next to Scotiabank Arena, offers sports fans an unbeatable chance to be right in the thick of the playoff buzz.Le Germain is steps from Scotiabank Arena, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors, and next to Real Sports Bar & Grill. The boutique hotel overlooks the giant video screen and high-energy fan zone that transforms into a sea of blue and white for Leafs games (or ‘Jurassic Park’ red and black for Raptors games) come playoff time.Beautiful @HotelGermain Maple Leaf Square is a great option for sports fans, concert goers, weekend getaways, business travel and more. Right beside @ScotiabankArena and the heart of the South Core. #LeGermainMLSQ #SeeTorontoNow pic.twitter.com/vW7lVhDDAH— Travelweek (@TravelweekGroup) April 15, 2019“The fact that our hotel is attached to Scotiabank Arena, so you can get from your room to your seat without going outside, is a big help in the winter,” says the hotel’s General Manager, Paul de La Durantaye. “But just the vibe of the area, especially in playoffs like now, being able to be a part of it is incredible. The whole structure of Maple Leafs Square was built for this type of Fan Zone festivities, so it’s great when you can be a part of the excitement.”Watch the game from the Penalty Box Suite @HotelGermain at Maple Leaf Square overlooking Jurassic Park. Hard to get closer to the action! Consider for corporate or social events! #LeGermainMLSQ #SeeTorontoNow pic.twitter.com/A37PuGH20U— Travelweek (@TravelweekGroup) April 15, 2019The hotel opened in 2010 with 167 rooms, fully integrated into the Maple Leafs Square complex which includes condos, office, retail shops and restaurants. It’s located in the heart of Toronto’s sports and entertainment district with the Hockey Hall of Fame, CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium and many more activities just steps from the hotel. The neighborhood is known as the South Core and is home to a burgeoning array of businesses in soaring new office towers.“When we opened this hotel we were very conscious that we had to stay true to our brand, as well as adapting to the surrounding we were in,” adds de La Durantaye. “We are out back of Union Station, a block from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and steps away from the lake. A while ago ‘south of the tracks’ had a bad connotation, but now that’s where you want to be!”There are five different room types, starting with the Classic rooms at 400 square feet and ranging up to the 1,500 square foot Balcony and Apartment Suites. The rooms are distinguished by their elegant design. The spa-style bathrooms are equipped with rainfall showers and benefit from natural light. All rooms come with ultra-comfortable linens, free WiFi, HD television, workstation, Molton Brown bath products and more.Elegant and stylish rooms at #LeGermainMSLQ with all modern comforts and technology. Plus, sleep in as long as you want! #winning @HotelGermain #SeeTorontoNow pic.twitter.com/BjkTpgER78— Travelweek (@TravelweekGroup) April 15, 2019Other noteworthy extras that Le Germain provide include:Sleep in Everyday – Sleep in policy with no checkout timeNama-Stay – Yoga video series for in-room practiceSweet Dreams – Bedding products can be purchased by guestsLexus Courtesy Car – Guests benefit from complimentary car serviceRecharge – Several car charging stations on propertyDogs Welcome – Well-behaved dogs are always welcomeThe hotel has 5,000 square feet of meeting rooms, many with sports themes such as the All Star Room and Offensive Zone. The Penalty Box meeting room directly overlooks Maple Leaf Square with amazing views of Jurassic Park. The hotel’s suites and apartments can also be used for business meetings or social gatherings.Notes de La Durantaye: “It can get crazy in the hotel during playoffs, but it’s a fun crazy! Everyone is up and about. The sea of red versus the sea of blue. Fans are excited and happy to be here and very proud of their teams.”For hockey-loving clients, Le Germain Hotel Maple Leaf Square has a Hockey Hall of Fame package with access to the 65,000 square foot space full of interactive games, exhibits, the world’s finest collection of hockey artifacts and of course the coveted Stanley Cup.The package includes:Accommodation2 VIP tickets to the Hockey Hall of Fame and each ticket includes general admission, a complimentary Legends program and personal Stanley Cup photo packageValet parkingDeluxe continental breakfastFlexible checkout time: leave your room whenever you like at no extra cost (subject to availability)WiFi accessAccess to the well-equipped gym 24 hours a dayFor more information, visit legermainhotels.com. Tuesday, April 16, 2019 Travelweek Group center_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: Le Germain Front row centre for Leafs and Raptors playoff excitement at Le Germain MLSQlast_img read more