New year’s proposal was approved by the public

in January 20th, when a letter advocating public civilization, establish a civilized and harmonious economical low carbon spring festival proposal, published in the Xining evening news, immediately received a warm response from many people, some people said that the proposal was very necessary, whether or not saving low carbon, one person alone, or rely on government supervision, every citizen should start from the little things of life, as a force of our common life environment.

Ms. Wang said Ms. Wang said that this proposal is very practical, with the improvement of people’s living standards, and now are the scenery of the new year, but the Chinese people still have a valuable tradition is to save

. After reading the book, Ms. Wang said, this year, I will put less firecrackers, air quality burden. At the same time, friends and family gatherings, I will be based on the number of people by the amount of the amount of two plus two dishes, try not to eat leftovers, not leftovers." Mr. Li media is also very much agree with the proposal advocated the idea, he said, the environment is for all of us, the impact of air pollution on people regardless of rich or poor, this year, even later in life, we can use less blasting, fewer private cars, refuse excessive packaging of goods such as small, air to improve the quality and make its own contribution. Mr. Li also said that before the new year shooting around, there will be a lot of people mentality, this year, when he pays attention to the topic of continuous firecrackers after that evening, firecrackers have great pollution to the environment, "this year, considering the traditional custom, I do not fire, but will definitely put a small, symbolic play."

new year, the Spring Festival, the hope that more people can actively change the consumption concept, get rid of extravagance and waste, not pomp than lavish, advocating green network, pay New Year’s call consciously resist the vulgar, vulgar pay New Year’s call, the Spring Festival, a thrifty Spring Festival, a simple courtesy of a real low carbon green the Spring Festival, a civilization of the Spring Festival, because some of the changes we make Xining more beautiful.


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