Long holiday dinner restaurant is hard to find a wind

October 1st onwards, the city’s major restaurants, hotels and exciting, to catch up with the meal almost all need to wait in line. Reporters from the city’s major hotels and restaurants to the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day reservation continued hot, lunch and dinner are early booked, and national day added many tourists and wedding banquet.

during the National Day holiday, meal time at noon and in the evening, in the Nanshan Road, limeng commercial pedestrian street, cultural street delicacy shopping district, some restaurants have been at the door waiting stool, respond to a sudden increase of people. In October 3rd 17 PM, the reporter saw a Hot pot shop culture street has been filled with guests, some new customers can only wait Paihao in the doorway, just over 18, the number has been ranked No. 60, the scene is very hot.

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