32 units in the north and South Mountains planting 1408 acres

Reporters from the city administration was informed that in the north and South Mountain greening project voluntary tree planting base, 25 years, 32 municipal departments and units involved in voluntary tree planting, the total area of the green area has reached 1408 mu.

it is understood that since 1989, 32 municipal departments and units of the people involved in the north and south of the mountains of the green project voluntary tree planting, and a fixed annual investment of more than 30 yuan to engage in greening of more than $more than 1 thousand and 100. Planting in the green area of Caragana, willow, pine, black thorn and other 21 varieties of about 3 million 380 thousand plants, after 25 years of unremitting efforts, the green area rate of up to 90%, becoming a set of green, nurturing as one of the demonstration base. In 100 the national compulsory tree planting demonstration base of green location for a seat, in addition to the green area has 10 times by the national, provincial and municipal named "green advanced unit", in which the green area in 25 years forest ranger Li Yubin was named "outstanding Rangers in 2013."


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