Xining West City procuratorate and district party school to build a clean government mechanism

days ago, Xining City West District People’s Procuratorate to establish a long-term mechanism of prevention of crimes of legal publicity and education in the Party school cadre training, to develop the implementation plan on the establishment of the duty crime prevention mechanism of legal publicity and education in the Party school district.

through the duty crime prevention legal publicity and education in the Party school training of cadres, the party’s theoretical education and legal education, prevention of duty crime case warning education combine to give full play to the procuratorial organ and the Party school education advantages, promote the formation of the duty crime prevention publicity and education work force, promote the cadres hold high the banner of purpose, practice law-abiding, diligence duty. Publicity and education will take a variety of forms, focusing on the organization to carry out the "four" teaching activities: to hold a special lecture. Party School of each training class at least arrange a seminar by the West District procuratorate provides a number of teachers; editing teaching materials, Chengxi District procuratorate will seriously study and collection of duty crime related laws and regulations and typical cases, the propaganda work to popularize the reading teaching; open a warning independent course, west school district will be carried out through the case the teaching of special education, play videos, organizing discussion, writing experiences and other forms, to ensure that the warning education into the classroom; organize a teaching site. Organize students to visit the education base, to listen to the prisoners from jail, to the courtroom observers, with typical negative warning students, reinforcement learning effect. (author: Liu Tingting Macuo 000)

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