A number of people to reform the happiness

When a new round of reform tide lifted in the land of Qinghai, and is closely related to employment, social security, labor relations and other livelihood issues of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, fully carry out the tasks of reform, reform has been completed 14, the implementation of the reform measures 6, let me the basic livelihood guarantee system more perfect, for the people to build a solid happiness. Employment hold up the people’s livelihood [purpose] deepen reform and improve the employment and entrepreneurship policy system. [reform] submitted to the provincial government issued on further improving the employment of college graduates in the province in 2014, the new situation to strengthen the work of migrant workers and other 2 policy documents, together with relevant departments issued on the provincial entrepreneurial city to create work, students start to lead the program implementation of good work, serious excess capacity to resolve the employment of enterprise employees work, continue to use the unemployment insurance fund to support issues related to the stable development of enterprises and employment supporting policies and measures to further improve and perfect the employment policy system. A number of social security indicators in the forefront [purpose] to continue to maintain the reform in the forefront of the country. Reform measures to promote the establishment of a unified basic old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents, the realization of urban and rural pension insurance system and the integration of urban and rural old-age insurance for urban and rural pension insurance seamless convergence. Set up after the death of enterprise retirees pension system. To improve the province’s urban and rural residents medical insurance financing standard advice, to carry out urban and rural medical treatment facilities and service standards and pay the standard work directory report, completed the provincial NCMS management functions transferred to the work, to further improve the urban and rural residents medical insurance policy, to carry out medical insurance to pay the total control work in Xining City Haibei each county (District) outpatient capitation, Haidong City, Haixi state, each county (city, district) to carry out hospital DRGs pilot, actively promote the medical insurance cost of immediate settlement, urban and rural medical insurance system work at the forefront of the country. Improve the monitoring system of unemployment statistics, the full implementation of industrial injury prevention and rehabilitation work. Enterprise wage distribution more standardized [purpose] in the reform of the relationship, improve the level of. [reform] reform and improve the institutions wage system, and further optimize the salary structure; timely release line, wage guidelines in 2014 the province’s enterprise human resources market wage guidelines and 2013 information industry labor costs, the adjustment of minimum wage standards, wage system has been further standardized. In order to reform the Zhuchaoyinfeng [Objective] Based on the actual situation in the province, to strengthen and standardize the management. [] the deepening reforms of primary and secondary school teachers in the pilot work of title system reform; the formulation and implementation of 17 special preferential policies, to further enrich the unit of civil service examination and career recruitment policy; the specific measures of 18 imported talent, creating favorable conditions for our province to the introduction of high-level talents and the much-needed talents. Migrant workers no longer sweat and tears [purpose] to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers. [reform] to develop 10 specific measures to further do a good job in the field of construction work to clear arrears of wages of migrant workers, improve the implementation of agriculture;

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