n the north of China the dust storm is over

reporter 16, from the State Forestry Administration, at present, China’s northern region during the dust storm prone period, especially in North China dust weather over the same period last year.

according to reports, 15, affected by cold air, dust weather occurred in central and Western Inner Mongolia, northern Ningxia, northern Shaanxi, North and west of Northeast China, Beijing suffered the second time this year, dust weather. In the morning, Western Inner Mongolia, Western Jilin first blowing sand and dust weather, the afternoon, accompanied by cold air movement, Western Inner Mongolia, northern Ningxia, northern Shaanxi and Northern Shanxi, northern Hebei have appeared in dust weather. In the evening, there is a sand weather in Beijing, and the dust continues to spread in the southeast.

It is reported that

, the dust weather occurred in the early spring season, the strength is weak. In Inner Mongolia Hetao Plain, Ningxia plain, spring wheat, and the germination, leaf or flowering stage of forest growth has little effect. The dust weather has a great influence on the civil aviation and highway transportation in the area, and the air quality is decreased, which affects the daily life of the people.

satellite images and ground monitoring information evaluation, the dust weather mainly originated in Western Inner Mongolia, sandstorms mainly affect Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin 8 provinces and 115 counties affected by the land area of about 1 million 160 thousand square kilometers, a population of about 38 million 360 thousand, about 5 million 370 thousand hectares of arable land grassland area of 51 million 250 thousand hectares.


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