FL double-murder suspect claims to have killed 8 people in multi-state killing spree

first_imgAfter an extensive manhunt, a suspect was arrested Tuesday in connection with a double-homicide in Florida.But police say he is now claiming to have killed eight people in multiple states.Deputies identified 35-year-old Stanley “Woo Woo” Mossburg as the double homicide suspect.The Florida killings occurred Sunday, according to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.Sheriff Judd said an unidentified man was held captive after finding the suspect in his Winter Haven home with his two murdered roommates, Sunday evening.Mossburg reportedly told the man, “I’m not going to kill you because God told me not to.”The man was held captive by Mossburg overnight but is said to be okay.On Monday, the suspect stole the man’s car and fled the scene.Sheriff Judd said the suspect told the man that the two people he killed were victims “seven and eight.”Sheriff Judd went on to say that the Polk County Sheriff’s Office can’t confirm those numbers.“We have no way to verify that,” Sheriff Judd said. “Only that Stanley Mossburg said the two he murdered in the Winter Haven area were number seven and eight.”Mossburg is reportedly wanted for a different murder in Tennessee.Mossburg is accused of killing a man and leaving him behind in a laundromat in the area on October 1., according to Sheriff Judd.He then fled Tennessee to his sister’s home in  Spartanburg, South Carolina, before taking a bus to Orlando.Sheriff Judd said his sister bought the ticket for him.Sheriff Judd identified Mossburg is a “spree killer.”He was arrested early Tuesday and taken to the Polk County Jail.Officials have not released the identities of the two people who were killed in Winter Haven.No other information is available at this time.last_img

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