Chengguan Town Datong County People’s Congress to carry out activities on behalf of the month inspe

8 late last month, Chengguan Town People’s Congress on behalf of the Chengguan town part of the organization of social management innovation, government enterprises build a model village activities were visited to observe, carry out the work to understand and put forward opinions and suggestions.

County, Town People’s Congress first observe the social management innovation of Chengguan Town, the town of information network service and public service management platform for public tours, and towns in recent years the social management innovation work supervision, especially for the comprehensive management office of new work in recent years, the understanding of video surveillance and information platform, and put forward some improvement suggestions and requirements is not in place, encourage the majority of Representatives actively use information, interactive network, strengthen the participation and supervision of social management, enhancing the degree of the town government; the representative after the ride to the Chengguan town on the temple, Shabatu temple, three villages to visit and study, supervision, promotion "military enterprises build activities in new rural green wall, brick wall, wall decoration, modified Cultural Plaza planning work, and listen to the staff Simple report, to promote the smooth progress of construction activities.


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