Bovine Shilai steak Cup how to join a

steak consumption boom, making a lot of food and beverage franchisees have fallen into the steak shop industry. Once the demand for beef market, it is necessary to do more creative food and beverage projects to support, such as the emergence of a steak cup to meet the needs of consumer demand.

cattle is a new generation of Shilai catering to the steak as the theme of the fashion semi buffet restaurant, restaurants with fresh fruit, all kinds of drinks, pasta, various cereals, Western desserts unlimited supply. Beef steak Shilai catering company has been established since 2010, has set up dozens of stores, such as Jiangsu, Funing, Xiangshui, Yancheng, Suqian, Kunshan, Dafeng, Nanjing, shop business is hot.

Shilai steak with cattle high-grade environment, civilian consumption, children, students, lovers, the best choice for white-collar workers and other people of different ages dining entertainment. Here, you can challenge your taste buds, release your feelings. Beef steak Shilai has always been adhering to the "leading the trend of fashion, advocating green health" delicacy "concept; exquisite cuisine, almost perfect" production concept; "the pursuit of quality, near stringent quality concept" quality improvement, the pursuit of excellence "concept of talent.

cattle Shilai steak cup to join? How to join the brand? See the following details:

Jiangsu cattle Shilai Catering Management Limited franchise flow

a, project introduction

delicious, fresh, nutritious

eat healthy, nutrition drink

cattle Shilai steak cup national initiative to design innovative and unique way of eating, on the two floor, one bowl; put the top steak, lower drink, eat two not mistake, the combination of a variety of arbitrary collocation; parity consumption, luxury experience, suitable for their own taste of the steak Chinese cup.

we do more than steak, but to change the way of life, immediately joined the wealth of endless!

two, Shilai steak cattle easily join the cup just six steps:

1. to visit the headquarters;

2. joined the contract;

3. storefront decoration;

4. staff technical training;

5. company during the renovation of equipment and materials uniform complete with


6. unified shipping opening >

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