A very Casemiro Camavinga

first_imgThe truth is Camavinga, as demonstrated this season in France, can be adapted to both profiles. The ball does not bother him at all, on the contrary, and as a midfielder, with greater travel, he manages to exploit his conditions. But those same qualities are worth it as an anchor. A fact corroborates it, the one that draws more Casemiro: he is the only midfielder in the five major leagues who has tried more than 100 innings, with a success of about 61%.In fact, the Franco-Angolan already knows what it is to play in the position of the pivot of Real Madrid. At the beginning of the course, Julien Stephan had a defense of three centrals, in a system where Camavinga felt more sheltered and acted as the only means of exiting the ball. In that position of 5 He made one of the exhibitions of the year, against PSG, assisting in Hunou’s definitive 2-1 and devoting himself definitively to French football. Despite the fact that since then many have related Camavinga as an interior tour, He has accumulated great nights as a pivot. It could even be said that he is better defensively speaking than with the ball, and that he stands out in this last facet in Ligue 1. 18 Eduardo Camavinga (17 years old) is one of the names in capital letters in Real Madrid’s sports management for this summer. Like it in the club, backed by the reports of Juni Calafat and his team, and Zidane, who does not forget Pogba, has given him the go-ahead. There is, in line with this, some debate about where would the Rennes player fit in better, whether as a substitute for Casemiro or as a kind of Pogba. It’s what labels have and the almost need to pigeonhole. He makes fewer fouls and receives more than CasemiroCamavinga has been a little Casemiro and a little Pogba in this 2019-20. In a 4-4-2, he started with more defensive demands but without neglecting construction. But with the arrival of Nzonzi, in January, he took a step forward, and not metaphorically speaking. The reinforcement of the former Seville or Rome was an invitation for the objective of Madrid to get down and increase their presence in areas that until then, due to their responsibility behind, were more restricted. Rennes currently uses a 4-4-2 (Madrid, normally, a 4-3-3) and, although Camavinga now enjoys more freedom in the division, it has performed in a double pivot, not as a natural steering wheel, keeping a lot of the position in withdrawal and taking advantage of its powerful driving to break lines and organize with the ball. It is, therefore, the first way to get the ball, with Nzonzi at the center of the field so that the sides give depth on the outside.Until the halt due to the coronavirus, Camavinga had registered a total of 105 entries in Ligue 1, with a 60.95% success rate. To calibrate the data, Casemiro’s in the League are similar: 83 tackles, with 66.27% of them won. Furthermore, the French, for example, make fewer fouls (48-64) and receive more (59-40) than the Brazilian. Its coupling to the role of ’14’, conditioned by its acclimatization to its new reality (Ligue 1 is not the same as the Bernabéu …) if the signing is closed, it seems very viable.last_img read more