Building Better Bloggers: The Dream Communication Pipeline

first_imgTags:#start#startups A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 1. Timeliness: RSS feeds are by far the most convenient way for writers to get your news, but sometimes we need more info. There’s no doubt that Peter Shankman’s free Help A Reporter service is a fantastic one. However, while this is great when you’ve got at least a day’s lead to write, this is not a useful service for those looking to file within the hour. 2. On Topic: While services like Cision and Burrelles Luce may give you general contact info, they are often mistagged or accompanied by outdated descriptions. This means that relevant pitches get buried between spam and off-topic releases.3. Personal Space: While many would disagree with me on this, I firmly believe that neither LinkedIn, Facebook nor early Sunday morning phone calls are appropriate for pitching. A great service would allow writers to be responsive while still maintaining a sense of personal space. 4. Accuracy: One of the fantastic things about Mozilla releases is the fact that on any given day you can sit in the project’s IRC and chat with developers in real-time. Candid chat conversation is often a better way to communicate than even telephone simply because it allows for quotes but it doesn’t allow for the injection of buzzwords and nonsensical jargon. Analyst and category chat rooms might help aid us in rounding out stories. Photo Credit: Mike Licht 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts It’s only late afternoon and we’ve already got a Thanksgiving mystery. API strategist Ben Metcalfe and former SVP of Marketing for Tesla Motors Plato’s Forms. The duo are intent on “solving the problem of rapid proliferation of misinformation in online media.” Although their recent blog post confirms the company’s $545,000 dollars in new funding, they are keeping mum on product specifics and how they’ll transform media in Spring 2010. In our commitment to truth, justice and better blogging, ReadWriteWeb has a list of issues we hope Plato’s Forms addresses: dana oshiro Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

Bollywood macho man Akshay Kumar stretches his acting muscles, dons thinking actor part

first_imgNew move: Akshay Kumar has a total makeoverIt’s probably symptomatic of an industry starved of stars that Akshay Kumar, once dismissed as a macho man with a Mickey Mouse voice, has become one of Mumbai’s busiest actors.He has replaced the luckless Salman Khan in the new Thums Up ad, signing,New move: Akshay Kumar has a total makeoverIt’s probably symptomatic of an industry starved of stars that Akshay Kumar, once dismissed as a macho man with a Mickey Mouse voice, has become one of Mumbai’s busiest actors.He has replaced the luckless Salman Khan in the new Thums Up ad, signing a year’s contract worth Rs 1.5 crore. He’s acting in the new Madhur Bhandarkar film, considered by many to be the isi mark of an actor. And he has as many as six films in the kitty, each at a fee of Rs 1.5 crore, with directors ranging from Raj Kumar Santoshi to Vipul Shah.It has made him more venturesome. He now calls his secretary his manager/agent, he has hired a PR-firm to stoke his image and taking a leaf from the books of actors like Ajay Devgan and Akshaye Khanna, he has decided to give himself a new look for every film. Never mind that his eyes swim if he reads more than half a page of print, that he’s not the most scintillating conversationalist and that he cheerfully con- fesses to borrowing stunts from Hollywood movies.Meet the new, improved Akshay Kumar, who has decided not to let his muscles do all the talking. He has worked on his voice with a teacher at home. His clothes are the collective efforts of designers Manish Malhotra, Aki Narula and Anna Singh. And the image as a serial philanderer is now consigned to glossy newsprint that lines bookshelves, thanks to his marriage to former actor Twinkle Khanna. Which explains the actor’s latest passion: playing with his month-old son Aarav.advertisementAs he steps out of his silver Mit-subishi Pajero and waits to go out to lunch with his mother-in-law,’ Dimple Kapadia, he seems to have re-invented himself. After over 12 years ‘ in Bollywood, he’s actually thinking about what he is doing.In Bhandarkar’s new film, Police Force, his name is Hari Om Patnaik (“I don’t want to have a regular name like Ajay Singhania”) and his clothes are a replica of a dcp’s wardrobe. For the new cola ad, he experimented with his hairstyle and tried a different, bronze make-up. “Now that I’m financially secure I like to challenge myself. I want to be an actor,” he says.PLAN OF ACTIONROLES: Mixes an action film with a more “authentic” part.APPEARANCE: Three designers fashion his clothes. Wants a new look in every film. Will sport a new hairstyle in Police Force.NEW MOVIES: With Raj Kumar Santoshi and Dharmesh Darshan.The turning point came in 1999 after three years of flops, when he did Sangharsh with Tanuja Chandra and Jaanwar with Suneel Darshan. Mahesh Bhatt remembers him from Angaarey, a 1998 film he directed him in: “He was always defensive about his acting. He would always say, ‘I’m a fighter, not an actor’.”Now, every Friday, he goes to his neighbourhood theatre, with a cap pulled low over his face, to watch the new releases. “I like to watch with the audience. They laugh where I would not laugh, cry where I wouldn’t. They can tell when you are faking an emotion,” he says. Which is why he likes to mix it up. “I do certain movies for A-list centres and others for B and C,” he says.This year, he played an action hero in Awaara Paagal Deewana and a blind robber in Aankhen. Later in the year, Talaash with Kareena Kapoor will be released, to be followed by the love triangle Andaz, where he’s an air force pilot, with Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta. Bhandarkar was impressed by his preparation for the film, whether it was working on his look or his lines. “His sincerity and hard work are his biggest qualities,” he says.Like his almost-director Deepa Mehta, he is convinced that Water will be made and he’ll get to play Narayan, Mahatma Gandhi’s follower. He still remembers the dialogue and rattles it off for your benefit: “Aadmi ke mar jane par naa hi uske kurte ko jalate hai naa hi uske jooton ko, par uski aurat ko (When a man dies they don’t burn his kurta or his shoes, only his wife).”His grandparents, who still live in Delhi’s Paranthewali Gali, would be proud of his makeover. So would the uncle at whose no-name restaurant in Bangkok’s Phurat Street he spent six years cooking chole-bhature and aloo subzi. The Khiladi has finally learnt how to play the game.last_img read more

Ontario television reporter speaking out about harassment on the job

first_imgHAMILTON – A southwestern Ontario television reporter is speaking out about the stream of harassment she faces at work after misogynistic comments were hurled her way three times last week.CHCH reporter Britt Dixon says female reporters deal with harassment regularly while on the job, highlighted by three incidents over four days last week where men yelled a vulgar phrase at her.The latest incident occurred as Dixon interviewed a Hamilton police officer in uniform in front of a police station.The officer stopped the interview and arrested the man, charging a 23-year-old American with causing a disturbance.Dixon says the other two incidents occurred while she was at Mohawk College talking to students about returning to school after the five-week faculty strike.The college has apologized to Dixon and is conducting an investigation.“I’d like to think the strong stance that both the college has taken and police have taken will hopefully get a message across to people that it’s not funny, it’s unacceptable and it shouldn’t be happening,” she said.Dixon said she was talking to Hamilton police media officer Jerome Stewart about victims of impaired driving when the man allegedly yelled the remark around 3 p.m. on Friday.Yet she’s been criticized for going public with her message.“Some people think it’s a joke, but it’s harassment in the workplace,” Dixon said.“Those people are harassing me at my workplace. I don’t think people would go into a bank or an office and shout that and expect to get away with it.”There’s been a slew of similar incidents across the country.In August, police charged a Newfoundland man with causing a disturbance after he yelled the phrase at a reporter. Police laid a mischief charge against another Newfoundland man who yelled the same thing toward a journalist in April.And in 2015, a Toronto FC soccer fan shouted the phrase during an interview with CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt. His friend laughed, dismissing the comment as a joke.That man was fired by Hydro One after the station aired the video. He was later rehired as part of an arbitration process, Hydro One said at the time.last_img read more