Sutton Foster & Co. Are Caught in a Bad Romance in This Week’s Younger

first_img If you’re messing around behind your lover’s back, you better hope Sutton Foster doesn’t catch you. In this week’s episode of Younger, Liza drops the mic on himbo Thad, Diana namedrops Angela Lansbury(‘s lighting designer), and we get definitive proof that men are indeed stupid; men are vain; love’s disgusting; love’s insane. Check out all the humiliating business below. SEASON 2, EPISODE 10: “Bad Romance”Emoji UpdateLiza gets a rude start to her morning when she spots Josh and Greta (the reporter he’s now with) in Page Six. Diana catches wind of the situation, and in a rare but amusingly touching moment of sympathy, treats Liza to lunch. While in their “power booth,” Diana encourages Liza to focus on her career—an unknowingly resonant thing to say to someone who committed fraud to restart her career. Meanwhile, Lauren has taken charge of Kelsey and Thad’s wedding plans, and they sound exactly how you’d imagine plans from the girl who made Kelsey wear this would. At a young professionals mixer, a coworker of Thad’s blabs to Liza about his alleged trysts with assistants. Liza doesn’t jump to any immediate conclusions, but like any good friend stays on guard. Liza has dinner in Brooklyn with David and daughter Caitlin, and following some wine and an unfortunate accordion incident, she hooks up with her ex-husband. The weather is as angry about this as we are are. The engagement party is somehow stranger than Lauren’s “hot mitzvah,” and after a failed attempt to get Kelsey to question Thad flirting with another woman at his own engagement party, she gets the evidence she needs: a video from Thad’s coworker of him hooking up in a bathroom stall with another woman. Of course Thad is right behind her and knows he’s screwed (so to speak.) The episode ends with a bold Liza giving him a choice: “Either you tell her, or I will.”Biggest OMG Moment:Liza’s ultimatum to Thad was gasp-inducing. A hip party was the setting of the biggest reveal of last season, so once we saw the aerial bartenders and drag queen sushi servers, we had an inkling something equally dramatic was about to happen. If Kelsey does indeed find out about Thad’s infidelity from either him or Liza, we can only hope a Sutton Foster/Hilary Duff “Every Day a Little Death” cover immediately follows.Millennial Glossary:DTF: (adjective) An acronym for “down to f**k.” While the phrase is used all too often to slut-shame, it is also self-appointed by people who are indeed down to f**k, e.g. Marta the Deer Slayer (coined because she sold venison out of her college dorm). The phrase was popularized by—if not originating from—the show Jersey Shore.Moment That Made Us Go:When Liza sleeps with her ex-husband, especially because it only seemed to happen at Kelsey’s insistence! We’re all for Liza being able to make her own choices, and all things considered, she’s done a pretty good job so far (despite, you know, the premise of the entire show). Still, waiting for them to get back together was like waiting for Tony to die. Just get it over with; Maria has a dramatic monologue to deliver.Diana’s Statement Jewelry Update!No statement necklace from Diana this week, but this look is a LEWK. Think the coat of Olivia Pope, the earrings of Kerry Washington and the gloves of…Cruella de Vil? If you have a Dalmatian-related crisis, consider it handled. Dan Amboyer & Sutton Foster in ‘Younger'(Photo: TV Land) View Commentslast_img read more