Woz Frightened By Jobs Leave

first_imgApple co-founder Steve Wozniak responded to Steve Jobs’s sudden leave from Apple this week in an e-mail, stating, “The news actually frightened me because I did not expect it.”Jobs over the long weekend issued a release stating that he would be going on leave for an unspecified medical reason, fueling speculation in the media that his pancreatic cancer had returned. The day-to-day running of the company has fallen on Apple COO Tim Cook, who has filled in for Jobs during past medical leaves–and is largely expected to become the company’s next CEO.Woz said that he had yet to actually reach out to his Apple co-founder, but added that he supports Jobs’s decision. “If Steve is tired and wants a bit more normal life,” Woz said, “more power to him.”Wozniak and Jobs co-founded Apple Computers with Ronald Wayne in 1976. Wozniak exited the company in 1987, but is still an Apple shareholder–and proud user of Apple products.last_img read more