11 individuals having the absolute time of their lives

first_imgYouTube/Chris HarperSomeone is being allowed to stick their head out the windowCan’t see the image?  Try reloading the page. Via ImgurSomeone is having a much needed laughProwinwall.netSomeone is going to DisneylandYouTube/KAftCTwitter/leoieSomeone is surfing for the first timeTumblrSomeone’s loved one has just come home for the first time in a long timeYouTube/Levan FosterAnd someone else has managed to fit an entire burger in their mouthThis is the one we’d like to be achieving right now, truth be told.Can’t see the image?  Try reloading the page.  Via Imgur9 things to make you smile on International Happiness Day>21 reasons to be happy here in Ireland> IT’S THE WEEKEND, and hopefully you’re having fun.  Maybe you’re just kicking back and taking it easy, or maybe it’s a special day, one which you’ll remember forever.Everyone has them, the really super days that make you feel like you are literally having the time of your life.There are people having those times right now, just like these guys.Someone is having a partyexcusememeSomeone is meeting their favourite animalTumblrYouTube/TheEllenShowSomeone is getting a puppyCan’t see the image?  Try reloading the page. Via Imgurhttp://youtu.be/cjTqXsG_O2gYouTube/Tyler BrannonSomeone is just taking a moment to smell the flowers and really enjoying itCan’t see the image?  Try reloading the page. Via ImgurSomeone is finding out they’re going to be a grandparentlast_img read more