Brock honours namesake at annual commemoration

Uniformed re-enactors from the 41st Regiment of Foot Fife and Drum Corps fire three musket shots in a salute to General Brock who died Oct. 13, 1812 in the Battle of Queenston Heights.More than 150 people gathered at the Schmon Tower this morning to commemorate Brock University’s namesake with a traditional military ceremony for the fallen.With flags at half-staff, members of the Brock community and uniformed re-enactors from the 41st Regiment of Foot Fife and Drum Corps paid tribute to Maj.-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock marking the 198th anniversary of his death in the Battle of Queenston Heights.“We all know that war is a terrible business and that it is to be avoided at all costs, but sometimes it cannot be avoided,” said President Jack Lightstone during the ceremony. “And therefore we must celebrate the contribution and sometimes the sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice, of those who die in the defence of others.”General Brock, who died on Oct. 13, 1812, is a significant historical figure not only in Niagara, but in Canada.“Canada as we know it, in fact Canada would not exist at all, had the outcome of that war been otherwise,” he added. “In celebrating the life and death of Sir Isaac, we are in fact celebrating the Canada that we value.”“Brock is named after a general,” said Sohail Ahmed, President of the Brock University Students’ Union who also spoke at the commemoration. “Its not just named after a city, its not just named after anything else, but a general who is so important to our history here in Canada.”Today’s third-annual General Brock commemoration included the firing of three musket shots by the historical re-enactors, and a bugler who played Last Post and Reveille with a moment of silence in between. The event ended with the singing of O Canada. read more