Yassine Bahtis Brother Allowed to Leave Prison to Attend His Brothers

Rabat – Moroccan authorities allowed Yassine Bahti’s brother, who is in prison on charges of drug possession, to attend his brother’s burial.Under tight control and security presence, Bahti’s brother attended the burial with members of his family and friends, and received condolences on the loss of his brother.The Moroccan pilot, who died when his F-16 crashed in Yemen, was buried in the cemetery of martyrs in Casablanca in the presence of a large crowd, including the deceased’s family and civilian and military figures. Bahti’s uncle delivered a funeral oration in the memory of the deceased, pointing out that the late “martyr of the nation and a great champion was known for his good morals despite his young age.”He added, “the family is not sad for his departure as much as it is happy for his martyrdom.” The oration concluded with a prayer for “the martyr to be endowed with God’s mercy and forgiveness.”Morocco organized a military funeral to honor the pilot Yassine Bahti on Wednesday at the Sale Air Base.King Mohammed VI, who took charge of the funeral and the burial of the pilot, received Bahti’s father at the royal palace in Casablanca. read more