Hamiltons Pakistani community mourns Peshawar massacre

The Pakistani government has lifted a six year execution ban following last week’s military school massacre.Seven Taliban gunmen wearing explosives stormed into a school killing 148 people, most of them children.As Pakistani officials have announced a plan to hang around 500 convicted terrorists believed to be connected to the slaughter, Monday night members of the Hamilton community came together to show solidarity with the families of the victims.Around 200 people came together at Hamilton City Hall to mourn one of the darkest days in Pakistan’s recent history.Organizer Basharat Tayyab spoke about the importance of coming together.“It’s a bad event. We were really moved and we wanted to show our solidarity with those who lost their lives. Everybody is so shocked, so angry, they’re mad, they’re so upset.”Tayyab moved to Canada from Pakistan 17 years ago, her whole family is still there.Amin Ullah came to Canada from Peshawar just this September. He grew up attending a similar military school.The news from back home was devastating.“It’s my village. It’s my city over there. Most of the relatives, family, friends, their kids are studying over there. I feel like it’s my family.” read more