Axl Rose Will Reportedly Front AC/DC For Remaining Tour Dates

first_imgAC/DC‘s Rock Or Bust World Tour was unfortunately brought to a halt earlier this month because frontman Brian Johnson was at risk of “total hearing loss,” according to his doctor. After rescheduling 10 North American dates, including a Madison Square Garden performance on April 4th, the band issued a statement, hinting that the shows will be made up later in the year, “likely with a guest vocalist.” According to Alternative Nation, Atlanta Radio DJ Jason Bailey suggests Axl Rose just might be that guy.The radio transcription reads: “Axl was meeting with the AC/DC group, because it’s all but a done deal that Axl will front AC/DC for the 10 remaining shows. All 10, including Atlanta. From what I was told, this was all kind of new inside information to me, Angus is a very black and white guy. He’s like, Brian, for health reasons, can’t continue fronting the band. He was supposed to retire after the last tour, so they wanted to continue going out on the road and continue making music, so if you can’t do it, we appreciate your services, but the show must go on. They’re in town, they were auditioning people for the job, and then they flew Axl in, again, this is from my source.”While he’s currently committed to the Guns N’ Roses reunion, the possibilities are still strong for Rose to fill in for Johnson in the remaining shows. According to AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young‘s son, “it’s true,” reports Alternative Nation. NME followed up with the band’s reps concerning the rumor, to which they responded: “Nothing official to announce. Will update you if that changes.” The chances seem to be likely at this point, so we’re just going to keep our fingers crossed until any official announcement is made.[H/T JamBase]last_img read more

MFA students win Notre Dame App Challenge with South Bend City Connect

first_imgTwo Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) design students, Miriam Moore and Robbin Forsyth, won first place in the Notre Dame App Challenge Wednesday night for their mobile app South Bend City Connect. The app seeks to serve South Bend city residents who need financial assistance, want to help build up the South Bend community or are looking to better understand their finances.Moore, a visual communications design major, and Forsyth, an industrial design major, started the project in the fall of 2016.“We always hear about people talk about collaborating, and we don’t see a lot of it, so we thought we would try and do this,” Forsyth said.After meeting with South Bend city leaders, Moore and Forsyth realized the city faced a problem with their 311 phone center — 80 percent of the calls came from 20 percent of the customers.Forsyth said these customers are typically calling when they are in a panic, in situations such as when their utilities are about to be shut off.“Once you get into shut off, you basically have to show up with cash at the city office to pay your bill. We wanted to learn more about these customers,” he said.The two worked as volunteers at the local nonprofit Stone Soup Community to further understand these customers, who are classified as the working poor by United Way’s ALICE threshold.“We [volunteered there] because Stone Soup is the only agency left in St. Joseph County that offers emergency aid on a walk-in basis,” Forsyth said. “It’s the only place you can go to and say, ‘Today I have a problem. I need help.’”Through their research and volunteer work, Moore and Forsyth identified 40 percent of St. Joseph county residents belonged to the working poor — members of the working poor are subject to what Moore and Forsyth call the “additional costs of poverty.” These costs typically result due to a lack of a bank account and include fees to cash paychecks or short-term, high-interest loans.“The less money you have, the more expensive it is to live sometimes,” Forsyth said. “If you don’t have the convenience of enough cash flow to have some money in the bank to be able to wait for your paycheck to clear, you’re spending money to access your money.”Moore and Forsyth also found these low-income residents typically do not have access to a desktop computer and instead use a smartphone for internet access.While Moore and Forsyth said South Bend is planning to revamp its website to help reduce the strain on its 311 call center, they identified a mobile application as a better option. This realization led to birth of South Bend City Connect.“South Bend City Connects integrates financial education, low cost banking resources and electronic utility payments in a powerful tool to aid in the transition to self-sufficiency,” Moore said. “We see South Bend City Connect as a powerful tool that aligns with the Notre Dame vision to heal, unify and enlighten the world.”The app offers services such as bill pay, budgeting and paying it forward to help a neighbor and reporting a city maintenance problem such as a pothole. In addition, the app alerts users as to overdraft fees when they pay their bills and will offer to connect them to Stone Soup Community, the financial education partner of the app.Other partners for the app include Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, which is looking to offer some accounts to the working poor that will integrate with South Bend City Connect, and the City of South Bend’s Innovation Department, which will house and operate the app.Currently, Forsyth and Moore are working with Notre Dame’s innovation department to determine the app’s future. While the two want to stay involved with the project after graduation, they would not manage the app on a day-to-day basis.“The goal is to get the innovation department … to set something up and get a running entity,” Forsyth said.Two other banks and a national initiative are interested in serving as partners with the app, which would allow the program to expand to a regional or national level.“People are really excited about the idea; it’s just a matter of getting the infrastructure to scale it,” Forsyth said.Tags: App Challenge, South Bend City Connect, working poorlast_img read more

The Oldest Boy, Starring Celia Keenan-Bolger, Begins Previews Off-Broadway

first_imgThe world premiere of Sarah Ruhl’s The Oldest Boy, starring three-time Tony nominee Celia Keenan-Bolger and James Yaegashi, begins performances off-Broadway on October 9. The production, directed by Rebecca Taichman, will officially open at Lincoln Center’s Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater on November 3. In The Oldest Boy, Tenzin, the toddler son of an American woman (Keenan-Bolger) and a Tibetan man (Yaegashi), is recognized as the reincarnation of a high Buddhist teacher. Differing cultures contend with competing ideas of faith and love when two monks seek permission to take Tenzin to a monastery in India to begin his training as a spiritual master. His parents must decide whether to send their young son away or keep him home. Show Closed This production ended its run on Dec. 28, 2014 View Comments Related Shows The Oldest Boy In addition to Keenan-Bolger and Yaegashi, the cast of The Oldest Boy includes Ernest Abuba, Tsering Dorjee, Takemi Kitamura, James Saito, Jon Norman Schneider and Nami Yamamoto.last_img read more

Flashpoint: Why is the outdoors still so white?

first_imgWe need to do more than talk about diversity.The word diversity GETS USED A LOT THESE DAYS, especially in the outdoor community. You may have seen the latest media campaigns focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Actually, I’m sure you’ve seen them—diversity is sexy, trendy, and the IN thing in the outdoors.If you don’t have a person of color represented at the forefront of your ad campaigns, social media feeds, and magazine covers, then you’re doing it wrong, it seems.So what’s the big deal? Why is everyone jumping on this diversity bandwagon, at this particular time in history? Is it a trendy fad? Will it dry up like a raisin in the sun, or will it remain a priority for the outdoor community?My hope is that it will challenge those who maintain their innocence around issues of discrimination, microaggressive behavior, and implicit bias to acknowledge their indifference to others’ lived experiences and perspectives.Many an outdoor company has taken on this work full throttle, engaging “ambassadors” and “influencers” in diversity-flavored events that may or may not include panel discussions, keynote speakers, and “activations”—showing up in places where diversity happens.But is this enough? Is this representation of non-white, non-male,  non-cisgender, non-thin, differently-abled folks enough to dismantle the deeply entrenched, systemic notions of who belongs/who doesn’t belong out in nature?No.Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoor community requires much more. To be clear, representation is a priority, obviously, because when you see folks who share some characteristics with you (whether cultural or not), you are better able to see yourself doing the same. When you view someone similar to you in a magazine or on the interwebz engaging in outdoor activities that you previously thought were reserved for a different type of person, you begin to believe that you can also do these things.I am human, and part of the natural world. We all are. And we all deserve the opportunity to exist in the outdoors and to experience nature as we wish.Sometimes this concept is difficult to understand for those who’ve always been able to see ourselves plastered throughout all forms of media. But I encourage all to keep an open mind, and to see this work not as divisive, but as work that strives to forge deep, meaningful relationships between marginalized communities and the outdoor industry.But deeper and more pointed work is necessary in order to make lasting change in the outdoor industry. In my experience, both as a diversity educator and trail runner, I’ve come to some conclusions about what is needed in an outdoor company, or any organization, really:Required research, education, and training at all levels in a company on key social justice issues and how they inform and reflect the lived experiences of non-dominant cultures. The entire company should be on board, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but it’s the only way to progress along with well, the rest of the world.A deep look into company culture as it pertains to diversity. Are folks happy? Do they feel silenced? Are they truly encouraged to be part of every aspect of the organization?Acknowledgment that different people actually have different lived experiences and worldviews, and that these affect the way we interact with each other, what activities we choose to engage in, and what we prioritize in our lives.A real, informed commitment and strategic plan to ensure that all communities are included and represented consistently within the company, in marketing and advertising, and the presence of those communities in key creative and decision-making roles.A willingness to own and fix mistakes (such as culturally insensitive marketing and business practices) and a concurrent commitment to calling out others in the industry who continue to engage in habits that continue to push folks to the margin.It’s possible to be a more welcoming industry, not in a kum-ba-ya way, but in a real, educated, more sophisticated approach.When I moved to the North Georgia Mountains, I knew that despite my skin color, I would find a home in the trail running community of the Southern Appalachians. I knew this because I felt a certain entitlement to exist in the outdoors as my authentic self, as my black self, as my woman self, as my fat self, as my cisgender self, as my educator self.I knew that the trail did not care who I was. Neither did the rocks beneath my feet, the low-hanging branches that would occasionally snatch my trucker cap, the roots hidden beneath damp fall leaves that made me look like a baby deer learning to walk, and the slippery stones at the bottoms of clear and cold rivers.I am human, and part of the natural world. We all are. And we all deserve the opportunity to exist in the outdoors and to experience nature as we wish.No matter what I looked like, where I was from, or what level of experience I’ve had walking and running through the dark and curvy corners of the natural world, I knew that I belonged.It’s on each one of us to ensure that all people feel that same sense of belonging when they venture into the outdoors.Mirna Valerio is a 2018 National Geographic Adventurer, ultrarunner, educator, and author of A Beautiful Work in Progress.last_img read more

Great new collaboration! Development of health tourism in Lika

first_imgToday in Rijeka, the Agreement on Cooperation between the Lika Destination Cluster and the Kvarner Health Health Tourism Cluster was signed.Excellent cooperation and synergy between the two clusters whose cooperation is certainly a new step in the tourism development of Croatia. The more such connections and cooperation, the better, because it directly affects the quality of the tourist product as well as the complete tourist story.On this occasion, the President of the Lika Destination Cluster and the leader of the LIKA LAG Tomislav Kovačević expressed his satisfaction with the launch of cooperation in the segment of health tourism which, due to exceptional cleanliness and healthy nature and food in Lika destination, certainly has a future. With numerous segments of tourism that the Lika Destination Cluster is developing, health tourism has not been represented so far, and cooperation with the Kvarner cluster and the area that has centuries of experience in health tourism is just the beginning of this Vladimir Mozetič, President of the Kvarner Health Cluster, also pointed out a number of benefits that will be possible through synergy. Apart from its beauty, the Kvarner destination is known and recognizable for its modern health facilities and services that extend the tourist season. The leader of the Lika Destination Cluster Petra Butković spoke about the importance of this cooperation in the gastronomic offer segment, emphasizing the possible placement of Lika Quality food on the tourist market of Kvarner, which was also supported by Mr. Alfrend Franković, Kvarner cluster leader. He further emphasized other potentials and benefits of future cooperation, such as joint participation in EU projects, joint market presence and the like.One of the problems when we talk about the development of health tourism is certainly the non-existence of a complete tourist product. It all comes down to the individual efforts of individual clinics, which invest their own resources, turn from necessity into tourist boards and DMC agencies, just to offer tourists the whole package, which is neither logical nor natural. Healthcare facilities need to be what they are and the best at it, not worry about what the guest will be doing seven days in the destination.This cooperation is the right path of quality development and a great example of how cooperation can generate new value. Lika is certainly a great authentic tourist story, as well as LAG Lika who are pioneers in the strategic development and branding of Lika as an authentic destination. This cooperation offers clinics exactly what they need, a quality and authentic tourist product, ie content during the rehabilitation period, because it is certain that clients should be offered content, and not to be in a hotel for three days. Lika as a destination is certainly unique and authentic, especially through its natural resources and food, and necessary to complete the whole story about health tourism.The INTEGRA LIKA 2020 project, which is the initiator of the entire development of Lika and the sub-Velebit region, today confirms the vision and systematic work of LAG LIKA, which initiated the establishment of the Lika Destination Cluster and the LIKA COOP Cooperative, which will also find interest in selling Lika products in the Kvarner area. .Related news:HEALTH TOURISM – AN OPPORTUNITY WE MUST NOT MISSLAG LIKA AS AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT AND BRANDING OF LIKA AS AN INDIGENOUS TOURIST DESTINATION   EUR 860.000 APPROVED FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH TOURISM IN KVARNERlast_img read more

Desirable location sees Brisbane family land $1.54m for their home

first_imgFormal dining room. Not a bad place to wake up at all. The entry has an elegant feel. 51 Glencairn Avenue, Indooroopilly, Qld 4068 The property is on a corner block.The home also had a pool, water feature, entertainers’ kitchen, large laundry, secure storage shed, water tank and was on a 611sq m block.Indooroopilly has seen strong house prices recently including the four bedroom 63 Clarence Road selling for $1.01m, the six bedroom 107 Russell Terrace going for $1.425m and House 5 43a Goldieslie Park fetching $1.9m.According to CoreLogic data, the median prices of houses in Indooroopilly has grown 15 per cent in the past five years with the median asking rent sitting at $510 a week. FOLLOW SOPHIE FOSTER ON FACEBOOK FREE: GET THE COURIER-MAIL’S REALESTATE NEWS IN YOUR INBOX A light and bright kitchen. More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus23 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market23 hours agoThe pathway into the home has been beautifully maintained.The four bedroom, two bathroom, double car garage house was listed as having been sold on Friday according to Alex Jordan of McGrath Estate Agents – Paddington had listed it as a “distinguished family living in enviable locale”.The property was in the highly popular Ironside State School catchment with nearby schools including St Peter’s Lutheran College and Indooroopilly State High School less than 1km away, with Brisbane Boys College a short 2.49km.The home was built in 1965 and has been updated into a premium property that blends classic and contemporary features, including a reception area, formal living and dining rooms, parquetry rumpus with fireplace, multiple covered decks and patios. The formal living room. 51 Glencairn Avenue, Indooroopilly, Qld 4068A DREAM family home in one of Brisbane’s most coveted areas has sold for $1.54m after 89 days on the market.The owners of 51 Glencairn Avenue had expected the home to fetch upwards of $1.5m when they listed it at the end of August. It’s located in the highly desirable premium river peninsula that also holds the University of Queensland and the Indooroopilly golf club.last_img read more

SMD Delivers CBT2400 to Boskalis

first_imgSoil Machine Dynamics Ltd (SMD) has announced the delivery of an ultra-high powered, compact 2400hp Cable Burial Tractor (CBT2400) to Boskalis.The CBT2400 and associated deck equipment were mobilized directly onto Boskalis’ specialist cable lay vessel, the NDEAVOR from the Swan Hunter quayside access point adjacent to SMD’s production facility, the company reported.The tractor will be operated by Boskalis and specialist trenching contractor, Canyon Offshore.The CBT2400 is the latest addition to SMD’s existing burial tractor range and is an evolution of the CBT2100 which was last delivered in 2011.Drawing on decades of experience of track driven vehicles, SMD designed this CBT2400 to provide a reliable solution for protecting cables in hard ground with interchangeable cassette tooling.The tractor provides a remote-control platform with a range of trenching tools for different ground strengths; the tool consists of a hard ground cutting boom, rear jetting tools for lowering the power cable and next generation eduction tools for spoil clearance.The CBT range is a family of subsea tractor systems capable of trenching power cables in seabed’s ranging from sands and clays to rock in ultra-shallow, beach approach work or deep water.last_img read more

Tough Penalties To Be Reduced For Recreational Offenses

first_imgThe revised criminal code will lower the penalty for many outdoor recreational offenses. (Photo: Franklin County Government)Those that enjoy the outdoor activities like boating, hunting and fishing may welcome changes to the Indiana criminal code.Representative Jud McMillin (R-Brookville) was a co-author of the bill that will take effect July 1, 2014.The new law eases dozens of penalties for offenses that occur at a location like Brookville Lake, which is included in McMillin’s district.The revised criminal code eases the penalty on dozens of infractions and gives police and conservation officers and prosecutors more say on enforcement.Infractions such as exceeding the fish catch limit or sounding a boat horn when there is now emergency will be enforced with less penalty.Rather than face losing your boating, fishing or hunting license, or face possible jail time, some offenses will carry just a fine or infraction.If someone is cited for poaching a deer, an automatic $500 fine is handed down. The bill that takes effect this summer will allow a judge to determine the fine and disciplinary action.The changes are part of a larger effort to make penalties more suitable for the offense. While natural resources will remain protected, enforcement will not come at the same criminal cost.last_img read more

Tamara Sheppard, 60, Versailles

first_imgTamara Sheppard (Mam maw, Tammy Carrots) 60, of Versailles passed away at 9:30 am, Saturday, March 30, 2019. She left behind two daughters Tiffany Barkdoll of Port Orange, FL, and Tara Thompson of Anderson SC, and two non-blood daughters Hayley Wainscott and Hannah Knukles, 6 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, one sister Lana Walker of Versailles In and her mother Wilma Lewis of Muncie In and Caity Corn. Tamara was a kind and loving mother and friend, she would do anything for anyone at any time. Tamara worked for Acosta Sales where she made lots of friends that became family. She loved making lots of crafts, guitar hero Queen, walks along the lake and making memories around a bon fire. You will forever be missed, we will see your smiling face as we yell to the sky, we love you Mam maw. Tamara’s wishes were to be cremated. Stratton-Karsteter Funeral Home is handling the arrangements for the family.last_img read more

The Latest: Roger Penske says no decision yet on Indy 500

first_imgUSA Cycling has an ambitious goal of bringing home seven medals from the Summer Olympics, which at this point are still scheduled to begin in July.The organization says it will adjust its schedule if the International Olympic Committee alters the date of the Tokyo Games.___The American East Conference announced that two people on the floor during recent tournament games have tested positive for the coronavirus.The conference and the Collegiate Officiating Consortium issued a joint statement saying the games involved teams in the America East, Horizon League and Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference during play from March 7-11. The Latest: Roger Penske says no decision yet on Indy 500 Gladbach played a game last week in an empty stadium. The club estimated it lost about 2 million euros ($2.16 million) in revenue by playing without fans.In Scotland, Hearts has asked all its players and other fulltime employees to accept a 50 percent pay cut, or contract termination.___The Olympic flame has been handed over, by proxy, to Tokyo organizers in Athens.The coronavirus outbreak forced a bare-bones version of the usual elaborate ceremony in the stadium where the first modern Olympics were staged in 1896. Soccer in England will stay suspended until at least April 30 because of the coronavirus outbreak and the season could be finished in June.The Football Association and Premier League say they have agreed to extend the suspension from April 4 to April 30. The FA board has waived a regulation which would normally oblige leagues to finish by June 1.That means the English leagues can continue playing in space that opened up when UEFA postponed the European Championship to 2021.The FA, Premier League and English Football League say they are “united in their commitment” that the season should be resumed.___ The PGA Tour Latinoamerica is one of six circuits the tour runs. It says in a statement Lange’s diagnosis will allow the tour to alert those with whom he might have come in contact.Lange has played three events this year — two in South Africa in January and February, and Mexico two weeks ago.___Turkey has suspended its soccer, basketball and volleyball leagues because of the coronavirus outbreak.Youth and Sports Minister Muharrem Kasapoglu made the announcement after meeting with the heads of the three sports federations. UEFA says it has extended a March 31 deadline by one month for clubs to show they have no outstanding debts for taxes and transfer fees.The shutdown of European soccer has deprived clubs of match-day income and many risk getting less revenue from broadcasting contracts if games cannot be played.The “Financial Fair Play” system monitors at least three years of accounts for hundreds of clubs which qualify to play in the Champions League and Europa League. Clubs which fail to break even on commercial income and spending on transfers and wages risk sanctions which include being expelled from competitions in the most severe cases.UEFA says the established rules allow for unforeseen circumstances which “is taken into account as part of the clubs’ assessment on a case by case basis.”___ The Swedish soccer association says the start of the top professional leagues in the country have been postponed with the aim of playing again in late May or early June.The decision comes a day after a request from clubs in Sweden’s top two men’s leagues to delay the start of the season until the beginning of June because of the coronavirus outbreak.The season was due to start on the weekend of April 3-4.The federation says a detailed program of games will be presented after UEFA clarifies dates for rearranged European club tournaments.___ “Lots of moving parts. Working on many options,” Penske said in a text to AP. Penske bought Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the IndyCar Series in January and has been preparing to host his first Indy 500 on May 24. Formula One canceled the famed Monaco Grand Prix on Thursday. The Indy 500 has been held every year since 1946, with postponements only because of weather. Previously, world wars stopped the race. __Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and his wife, Emily, are donating $50,000 toward food during the coronavirus outbreak. ___Players from German soccer club Borussia Mönchengladbach have accepted pay cuts during the coronavirus pandemic.Gladbach sporting director Max Eberl says the players approached the club with an offer of voluntary pay cuts, and the coaching staff, directors and executives have joined in.Eberl says “I am very proud of the boys. A clear signal: we are standing together for Borussia in good and bad times.”Gladbach is fourth in the German league and was on course to qualify for a spot in next season’s Champions League. Gladbach CEO Stephan Schippers says the club and Bundesliga are in their toughest financial situation in more than 20 years because of lost revenue from tickets, TV and sponsorship. March 19, 2020center_img The teams involved were Maine at Vermont (Burlington, Vermont); UIC vs. Wright State; (Indianapolis); Manhattan vs. Fairfield and Manhattan vs. Siena (Atlantic City, New Jersey).The American East Conference says it continues to adhere to the guidance issued by the CDC and federal and state governments and encourages fans to do the same.___The Monaco Grand Prix is among three Formula One races postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.The Dutch and Spanish GPs in May were also called off by governing body FIA. Associated Press The soccer league had been continuing without spectators after most other leagues in Europe stopped. Turkish soccer federation president Nihat Ozdemir had argued that the country was one of the least affected by the virus.Some players and coaches had complained about the league going ahead, expressing concerns for their health.Trabzonspor announced this week that it had “mutually agreed” to part with former Nigeria captain John Obi Mikel after the former Chelsea player said he did not feel comfortable playing amid the pandemic.___UEFA is giving European soccer clubs extra time and leeway to comply with financial monitoring rules during the coronavirus outbreak. It is not yet clear when the first race of the season can be held.___The first player under the PGA Tour umbrella has tested positive for the new coronavirus.The tour says Victor Lange of South Africa was diagnosed with COVID-19 upon returning home to Johannesburg on March 9 from playing a PGA Tour Latinoamerica event in Mazatlan, Mexico. He was tested as a precaution while going to a non-virus related doctor’s appointment with a friend. Lange received the diagnosis on Tuesday.The tour says Lange has no symptoms and is expected to make a full recovery while under quarantine at home in South Africa. The Mayfields announced on Instagram that they’re making their donation to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, an organization they’ve worked with in the past. Mayfield says they “wanted to give back and help out any way we can.”They asked others to donate and pledged to match those contributions. The No. 1 overall pick in 2018 has recently been working out at his high school in Lake Travis, Texas.___USA Cycling is tweaking its selection timeline for the Tokyo Olympics after the UCI, the sport’s global governing body, instituted a freeze on points accumulation and results due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.The first deadline for the American team is May 1 for track cyclists. The BMX freestyle team will be May 15, followed by the mountain bike and road racin teams on June 1. The BMX racing team will be June 3. The 80,000-seat marble stadium was empty apart from a handful of officials and participants. The Japanese delegation was absent because of travel restrictions and Tokyo organizing committee head Yoshiro Mori delivered a speech by video from Japan. But his message was upbeat.Mori says “I hereby pledge that on 24 July this flame will be lit at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.”Greek Olympic committee president Spyros Kapralos handed over the flame to a Japanese Unicef official in Athens and former Olympic swimmer Naoko Imoto. It was then headed for the airport to board the flight for Japan.___More AP sports: and,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effect of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___Roger Penske tells The Associated Press no decision has been made yet regarding the Indianapolis 500 in May – an event that draws more than 300,000 spectators annually. The International Weightlifting Federation says it has changed its Olympic qualifying criteria in response to the coronavirus outbreak but won’t say how the new system works.Olympic qualifying in dozens of sports has been thrown into chaos as continental championships around the world have been postponed.The IWF says it has drawn up a replacement set of qualifying rules and submitted them to the International Olympic Committee but it won’t tell athletes or national federations about the changes until the IOC signs off on the plan.The IWF says it has ruled out extending the qualifying period beyond April 30. That means any rescheduled continental championships won’t count.Weightlifting’s long-standing problems with doping caused the IWF to demand top lifters competed more regularly at international events to be eligible for the Olympics — and to be subject to more doping tests. They were required to compete at least once between November and April.last_img read more